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How many Animals do you see?
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Saba L
this is awesome pic :-)
woooww wat a pic !!!!!!
i see 15 animals..
Is it correct???
I see 1 multi cross breed elephant . I doubt its mother. . . . :-p 
i see 18 .... but I guess there's more...
I could not guess the exact nos. of animals,I think it is perhaps 14 nos.
I'll rely on the counts of all who commented here. ;-))
So, the current count is 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18... and there's even a 100 and a lot! Lol...
yea? who could tell us here the right #?
Mmmm veo 15 aminales que forman un elefante......
i counted it again and im seeing 20 animals ...including insects....
0, its a piece of paper with a lot of graphite on it
We will wait 'til the comment reach 500 and we will not know what the correct count... lol!
Are some of the animals depicted also pregnant?
You guys are really counting.
Ohhhhhh just count it on dnt wrry for the name just visit zoo
I see, from left to right; a snake trunk, a raccoon (?), some kind of lizard, a tortoise, a bat, an otter, a small octopus, a rabbit, a moth, a squirrell, a manta ray, a bear, a leopard, some small mouse looking thing, and two different animals as the back legs that I can't identify. So that makes 16.

Do I win an internet yet? :3
yeah i double-checked it. 16
its not raccoon though, its a fox. Red Fox. lol
the whole point is that there is no elephant, it just forms the shape of one…
there are only animals inside of the shape
so, the shape doesnt count…sorry to rain on your parade Bethany Kelly
Take your time people! I've seen at least 7...without really trying.
Yeah they only depic an elephant out of animals but there is no elephant
+Arjun Gupta if there is no elephant, just the shape of one, there are no animals inside that shape; just pixels forming animal shapes.
Altogether 12 animals I hope 
So I ask if one can't be arsed to answer another person does one say one can't be arsed or does one say nothing????
This is one of life's most difficult life questions and indeed it requires a great deal of thought or 2bottles of nice red and a fag and 2.34sec of thought and you may come to the same answer as me = " please just fuck off"
But the question is how meany do U SEE 😒
du gehst swhimmen. ich liebe fubball
Here is what I see, can anyone add the ones they have seen that I have missed?

1) Snake Trunk
2) Fox/Raccoon
3) Turtle
4) Upside Down Sea Otter

5) Squid
6) Upside Down Rabbit

7) Stingray
8) Bat

9) Butterfly
10) Squirrel

11) Bear
12) Cheetah
13) Monkey like creature

14) Something big, it has a face

15) Something (A fish?) with a face

16) The elephant
15. I was counting insects as well. Lol
I think I'm seeing about 17 or 18.
Ok this is making me feel like i'm twelve years old.
can someone pls chat am getting bored
23!!!!! Might be my astigmatism acting up though... :D
Mini P
Cool I think there's 21
Mini P
Cool I think there's 21
Wow you think you have the number until you find another animal
Right! I got a banging headache now!! Grrrr
Was this picture posted on the wrong account? It's off topic for "Did you know". After looking at this, I don't know more than before I looked at it.
But yeah thanks. Just realised that I can appreciate this type of illustration
i only saw 20 right or wrong?
One. A freak elephant wearing animal print footsie pajamas(all equipped with a mask of course, then again which footsie pajamas aren't?#AmIRight???)
I see 19. 18 plus the shape of the elephant.
hayden coyne want to be my friend
None... its an art.... i can see the excellence of the artist....
yah well its done good way it took me 100 h to figure out but hc
Honest my eyes hurt just looking at the clue :( 
This is really awesome. I love the black-and-white sketch style, too. Very neat!
Nik P
mind blown.
i ave printed it out and did a special test and the final answer was 15
What? All I see is an elephant...
Enough to make out an elephant
Rikki W
15,16,17,or 18??:)
Is this a new highway patrol drunk test? 
this is neat! For me I saw 16.:D
Picture quality might hide dozens
I'm not sure, but that bear is definitely raping that cheetah..... 
i keep loosing track, but i c 20 or 21
I see 18, don't forget to include the elephant.
What an interesting - and clever - picture!
I'm probably wrong but I found 18
i saw 1...we are all one ...bless :)
an elephant that loves him some tattooing
26 you have to count the animal they all make
There is no elephant, is that the catch?
I could count but I have no idea from where to start lolzz
I saw 18 but I didn't count the fleas or parasites.
Also is it me or is the bear and jaguar one head turn away from getting to know each other very well.
Gumba Masta
None, but I see lots of drawings of animals positioned so that their combined shape resembles that of an elephant.
More than I'm willing to actually sit down and count.
there is 20..........................
I see 15 animals. Let me know if am I wrong or rig ht.
but i lost count at 13 so, yeah...
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