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                         Electric Car for Disabled

The Kenguru electric car is unlike any other EV, if for no other reason than it doesn't have a seat. That's because the Kenguru is designed to be driven by people in wheelchairsThe Kenguru has a range of between 70 and 110 km (43-68 miles) and costs around $25,00
YouTube : Car for disabled persons
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its a good news for physically disable people. Thanks to Kenguru electric car company who take initiative for disable people of the world.
That is a great design.
Thats a real smart car 
Wow Very Nice Idea ! Now That Becomes very easy for any disable person.even they can enjoy thier life in happiness. : )
Unbelievable!! Technology reaches to the point beyond human imagination. Good news to the physically disabled people worldwide.
This is great. Improving the quality of life for people is a beautiful thing. Kenguru has my attention from now on. 
hihihi.....................what an idea serji
That's great Ideas 
God bless d's niz
I know of many people who need one of these.
diables deserve more attention worldwide
prajapati                talant
iceribidial india brave india
It can change a disable person to a able one
good the ideal and innovation
kool beans but what about safety?
Good work done. I need on for my boy.
I just re shared to my circles
The door should raise up vertically so that you do not hit anyone on a crowded sidewalk.
Or split the door in two and open it at the middle with hinges on the sides. It may be the cheapest way to save sidewalk room and fully automate the door and have easily useable manual operation.
Jas Sin
Is it really practical?????
defenately u wil get an accident because awheel chair wil rotate and make alonely driver loose control
I cant find any details on this, but I hope the handle bars (or what ever you call it) has a scooter or motor bike like accelerator break etc, so that it feels more like riding a tuk tuk or auto-riksha as Indians call it.
Excellent idea, though I assume you mean 25000.00 US dolars, which needs to drop at least 10k to be marketable, and then they need to get it approved under insurance plans, or 70% of disabled Americans cannot even consider it.
+Steve Martin Actually, the door should split in the middle horizontally. That way it doesn't stick out so far into the sidewalk, and the bottom half can act as a ramp to get in when there is no place to back the car up to a perfectly level sidewalk.
finally, what we have waited for so long.
That is one expensive golf cart, nice to see this company ripping off those who could least afford it, they don't even need to put a seat in $25k is way too much
Companies of this type and US, forward thinkig Americans, need to seriously solicite our government to implement full moped-electric car lanes nationwide!!!
I agree with Bill that our roads should help everyone get around not just a few, awesome idea
About time it was thought of -the car today the spaceship tomorrow -the sky the limit -next theyll be getting robots to change their tyres
cool i wonder if it has heating
congratz to who ever invented this thing....
GUD JOB.but dont make it 2 expensive.
It should be affordable to all deserving.
good for physically challenged people....!!!!!
Would be great for my dad as he has no legs and make going out so much easier
Absulutly good for those who needed
think that how much the disabled will be happy from this??????
Great news. When can I order one? Make life so much easier for me.
That is way cool! I'm always THRILLED to see an invention for handicapped persons come to provision.
Awesome it is too good I am amazed
wow something with an imagination and like someone said amazed for sure
Ed K
Did u know this guy is gonna die when the kid playing kick the can hits his car with the can.
Ohhhhhh Cool!!! Really very very good for disabled Persons.!
Wat a wonderful gift for a cripple.thankyou general motors.
That's great for the disables
Big issue I see there is that the owner isn't allowed have any friends. There is only room for the driver! Looks like a case of zero consultation by the maker with the people thats its actually targeting. Its a step forward though.
Jee van
Great commitment
and it comes in a great color
One major flaw...if he gets in a car accident is that that car will crush him like a bug...just like those Smart cars that are shaped the exact same way. It's a cool innovation but not very safe when it comes to accidents.
Is 25k a pop out of reach for most disable people?
very Human and profitabil for the compay.GREAT IDEA
Brilliant design that would increase mobility of so many wheelchair bound people in our community.
I call bullshit because not all sidewalks are the same height 
so cheap 2500 dollars
awesome, innovation changes the world.
Very important car. And very easy for any disable person
Pretty expensive for a one person vehicle (about 14K US dollars).  Looks like a glorified golf cart from the interior pictures and the specs.  Interesting design.
What a fantastic invention,and not before time.I hope these cars make it here to Australia??They would sell like crazy,as there are so many wheelchair boubd people in this country who go to great lengths and huge costs to get there cars modified for them to drive,the sooner the better i say!!
This's indeed great. But the I see the car is for a person, what if the disabled has a wife and a child or as the case may. 
many people share this kind of posts only on internet not in real life 
wonderful. but it should atleast have one passenger seat.The disabled also have companions.
is bande ki himmat ko dad dete he. 
salam boss
How is the safety in that thing? doesnt look like it could survice the collison with a bicycle...
what a good idea fr one good man
It can help disabled people to get around a bit better, and besides who doesn't like to cruise around in their cars. Disabled people have desires n dreams, and like to go places too.
Looks like it is not the greatest ride in the snow
it's so useful !! and a big help  to all disabled 
Waw what a relief to disabled persons, very nice innovative. 
Very cool wish more companies would think of that
Excellent piece of really useful engineering. Now even handicapped people can have street races!
Phenomenal car for the disabled. Although it might be tricky if you're parked on a hill or parallel. Still awesome though!
Allha Ne Sab Ko Khush Rakhne Ka Wada Kiya Hai ... Waqt Aate Aate Wo Sab Kuch Thhik Ker Deta Hai ... 
where does he put the groceries?
What happens if it's a dropped curb or in a car park or something?
how may price of this car  bcz  i m  very reach man ,
nice car hope it will serve a lot of people
It takes a darn site longer to make someone not disabled than it does to make a car for them! I'm sure there is plenty of research into the disabled .. but for now, I'm sure the wheelchair bound are more than grateful for this! :-)
Great idea but who makes them
my guess is the actual price is 25K  . Disability equipment is usually very expensive.  
And some people will tell you there is no such thing as progress
+Did You Know ?  please edit your post to show the correct price of the Kenguru  $25,000  
he is trained and its ahsome
عجبا بنازوم قدرت خدارو!!قابل توجه ایرانی ها
Hellll yeah! Its nice to see cars that help the disabled. Car makers have been dissing them since the beginning.
sg gs
sg gs
this is really a stunning idea
$25 grand for that pip squeek car? Golf carts are bigger. I'm sure that so called car is real safe. 
That's great... Hope they incorporate this design in more family cars too, in the future. x
what a wonderful invention...,.good job!
good each one have right to luxary & convience
Grace R
Last comment and cool
i dont think so i dont like yellow color its like yikes
How liberating and empowering!!  A wonderful idea.  Too bad it isn't wide enough to accommodate a passenger (or a bag of groceries).
It is so wanderful which high of human mind as well as it's give the
archive of human technology
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