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       Importance of drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human body :

1.) 2 glasses of water after waking up helps activate internal organs.

2.) 1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion.

3.) 1 glass of water before taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.

4.) 1 glass of water before going to bed avoids stroke or heart attack.
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very good quote i ilke it.. its healthy 
Xin Wei
Very useful. Thanks!
Thanks, what's the reference & source of this ??
Useful tips. Thank you for sharing them with us :)
I don't know how some people don't drink water at all they only drink soft drinks... Water is the best liquid you can put in your body
+Daniel Hernandez well, soft drinks are mostly water, so it's not like these people are losing out completely. The problem with soft drinks is the amount of sugars and salt that companies infuse them with, which often can cancel out many of the benefits of water without leaving your body completely dehydrated.
Beena B
very useful information.. thanks
Xin Li
I just drink water constantly throughout the day.
you know, common research on heart attacks suggests that polyunsaturated fat is the cause, not water deprivation............... (i hate big words)
Not only is fructose (corn syrup) bad for you, fructose causes glycation of cells.  That's when sugar crystalizes with the molecules of your cells, creating premature aging.  Glycation is as bad as oxidation and inflammation, and the three combined are the causes of aging.  Also, the phosphates in soft drinks deplete you of vital calcium, zinc and magnesium which is needed for general health (depression, weight control, blood pressure, blood sugar, bone and kidney health, etc,.)
then i will drink more water -_________-
I don't drink any water at all!
Yet I don't feel thirsty.
thanks for the valuable  information
Beer is better than water
What is the definition of " A glas of water" 200ml? 400ml? 500ml? Is it so hard to be real?
1. so if i dont do that my organs remain inactive, interesting
4. lol i'm sure it does, or are you the type of person which is like: u didn't have a stroke last night so it's clearly from the water. Doctors should just give water before bed and all problems would end.

The other 2 are debatable, science is not prcise but you can get the main idea ,that, water is important.
I drink water, hardly any soda, and will drink more now, mos def. Thanks. 
Did You Know that most of the stuff you are posting are myths?
Im about to go to bed "MOM I NEED WATER" XD
I drink so much water in the day but never knew all these benefits.
"I don't know how some people don't drink water at all they only drink soft drinks" +Daniel Hernandez 

this is because they used to it. Beside soft drinks are sweet and water has no taste. But it is not too late to start good habits for healthier life. 
Not to boast but the holy Quran can explain more advantages of drinking water than mentioned above, ask any person with with extensive knowledge.
The terms used are neither scientific nor academic, which makes me suspicious. Especially point 1, that reeks of falsehood. Which organs "deactivate" during sleep? How does water help "activate" these organs again? Number four is poorly worded. If read literally, a single glass of water would prevent you from ever having a stroke or heart attack for the rest of your life. Can you cite reliable sources for these claims?
+Robert Stan Dude its not like if you don't have water after waking up you internal organs ll be inactive. The thing is having 2 glasses of water after waking up will initiate a cleaning process for your stomach and intestines and you ll be running to washroom in morning itself on time(which is one good habit). Also drinking water kept overnight in a copper vessel is really helpful. You might want try this out for a few days before commenting and you won't suffer from any congestion in ur tummy.
I think so six cups of water is enough for to hydrate ourselves...then why old wives tales should need eight cups of water... may be they wants us to drown! ;)
I knew 3 of these. Did not know # 4, good to know. The first thing I do every morning when I get up is drink water.
Drinking water keeps you hydrated.stops calcium build up and prevents kidney stones. you have been warned men. to pass a kidney stone is the man version of child birth
I never calculated the amount of water I consume, I rather guess its around 20 glasses that including the cokes and Pepsi I consume
Thank god, I just read "importance of drinking" lol
I forgot to have a glass before bed- uh oh...
Water is another name for... LIFE.
All new here and maybe find friends new and old.
I never do any of these things i only drink water inthe middle of the night but either than that its in the middle of the day
What a crock of shit.  I mean, water is essential and all, but this is mumbo jumbo.  Did You Know..two glasses of water on the shitter will aid solid elimination and boost your IQ???
I've heard 14 cups a day for males, about 12 for female. Drink up!
nice information...knew it always forget
Who says all these things? sounds like claptrap to me.
Even if these were true, I won't really consider when I would drink water... it's too annoying. :P
drinking more water decreases in the number of acne
its true
I've heard it said that drinking a gallon of water is ideal. 
Meh i drink tea even tho there is now a link to cancer...and it dont dehydrate me like coffee does
And how big is a glass? Cos if you don't specify then it's fucking pointless.
very useful tips.. i won`t ever fail to follow my life end.. thanks for this
Staggering display of ignorance going on here. Water makes up a high proportion of the human body. The precise percentage varies because adipose tissue contains little water so the leaner the individual, the higher their percentage of water. Women tend to have a lower percentage of their body weight as water because on average they have more adipose tissue. Ergo, how would it be possible to generalise on 'glasses of water per day' as posited above? 

The best indicator of the state of your body hydration is urine. If it's clear, you're fine; if it's yellow and smelly, you're dehydrated and need some water. 

I go along with the '...water when you awake..' only because most peeps have spent the past 6 - 9 hours in a state of fast and therefore, will have dehydrated slightly during their sleep (we all get lots of water from food and plenty of animals on our planet drink no water at all but get all their water from the food they eat) but to suggest all the other stuff is guff. 

Too much water can kill; rather than following some stupid mantra, why not pay attention to how you feel? Got a headache? You may well be dehydrated and a drink might help but if you fill up on 2 pints, or 1/2 a litre of water and you're well hydrated, your body will simply flush it out fairly quickly. And if you're going to have a hot bath, take a good book, a couple of cold beers and a plate of sandwiches with you (might as well make an event of it)
i never know that...GREAT INFO
That was actually really interesting. Thx!
N Smith
I'm thirsty now
During the survey for preparing these statistics, I wonder how many strokes victims were revived with paddles to be asked: Did you drink water, mate?
In other words: What is the authenticity of any of the points given here?
am i the only one to ask why? i know water is good for you period.
4 pints of water before bed will make u swim for safety at some point in the night
Thank you I gonna to start the indication with immediate effect.
Let's not forget that while water is indeed an important ingredient for one's health, there is plenty of water within fruits and fresh vegetables that also contain essential nutrients that might otherwise be lost through urine or sweat.  Many fruits and vegetables contain three important electrolytes -- calcium, potassium and magnesium.
Thanks, I gotta start doing that and I'll surely be glad 30 years from now lol
goods advice , I used to do the first one . now going to start the rest
Also makes you have to get up and pee
<--- went from 2 -3 two liters of soft drinks a day to drinking only water and milk...lost almost 50 pounds just changing that habit!
munju s
water is the elizier of life
5) 9 glasses of water before a major operation against terrorist insurgents makes you bulletproof
thanks , it is really nice tips
Although it is not scientifically proven, i guess, not drinking enough water can cause me mouth ulcer...ouchh
Nice info. Then we have to drink water at every minute, and carry water bottle like kids carry milk bottles , 
and they said you have to drink eight glass daily. xp
water is important for all living thinks our holy quran says we make water all living thinks
How can I get a six pack 
I still probably won't change my water drinking habits
helpful tips. thanks for sharing. 
Another water-related myth you'll hear time and time again: "8 glasses a day"

As the Snopes article states, we get at least 4 glasses worth of fluid from solid food; while tea, coffee, fruit juice and even soft drinks will make up whatever else you need. As for when you need to drink, that's easy enough: whenever you're feeling thirsty!

Someone earlier linked polyunsaturated fats and heart disease: I think they probably meant saturated fats. Saturated fats are animal fats and tend to be solid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats (vegetable oils) are slightly less unhealthy but still should be consumed in moderation. That includes Omega 3, the reputed health effects of which are well known, but it's still thought that large quantities (over 3g) can be detrimental.
thanks for sharing these helpful tips...
thanks for the informatuon
Very useful information to share... Will make it work as from today on
Thank you for the post. I love water. Such a great reliever for peace.
A glass of water is a common measure of 8oz. Hence you were told when they said (A glass of water, meaning 8oz.). Anyone who went to the 3rd grade in America should know this.
That's all I drink is water, that and poweraid when I play ball.
thanks for sharing this important tips'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
beny xu
Drink a glass of water after peewee
That water looks so good!
I'm curious... What is the source of this information?
We have evolved, over millions of years, from creatures that drink when they are thirsty. That's when you should drink water. The posted comments are not scientific. They are silly.
This would be much more interesting with citations, as some of it looks suspicious, and other bits look wrong.

Specifically, drinking a glass of water before taking a bath would seem more likely at a first approximation to raise blood pressure than lower it; the water should increase your blood volume, which will increase blood pressure.

That's just an educated guess from first-principles. These claims could well be true, but without citations to reasonable sources there's no way to tell this from any of the other dubious health advice that permeates the internet.
I always have 7 dats n 1 glass of water every single mornin n i feel so active n fit.i notice dat i have not got sick for awhile since i started this habit 7 dats n 1 glass of water<<<<remember dat guys♡
Thanks.that helps alot
1 glass of cold water instead of sex prevents pregnancy
I didn't know all of these, but I'm glad to say I have been doing most of them :-)
Thanks for the advice . I will try to do. 
thanks i will start drinking
Water is the most amazing thing on this planet and  people don't realise that.
Only a gay can give and take that advise because for men sex is much more fun then a glass of cold water
jreh ik
nice sharing..thx
I did not know that, but I do it anyway.
too many glasses and it will drown you
No I did not.....Source please?
Ah, I wish I can commit. To water more often
Dehydration is also linked in with heart disease 
Have been drinking 2 or 3 litres of water most days for past 2 years and feel much better for it. Wasn't aware of these specific timings though
Basically, drink water whenever you can, and you will be fine.
First two I know but last two are good eye opener :-)
There is nothing to it. Just drink when you are thirsty. 
Also drinking water throughout the day helps in keeping a soft stomach. Ecellent notes
You can argue semantics until the cows come home and i find people debating the veracity of this or that point while the issue is, if the facts are not 100% accurate, who cares? Drinking those amounts of water will benefit you anyway so put the high horse away and realise being seen as clever isn't as important as you think it is. Whether any of the 4 points are completely accurate doesn't matter because drinking the advised amount of water opposed to additive-laden fluids improves your health no matter how you dice it.
thats gr8!!! point no 3 & 4 were unknown, thanks for the information.........
4 glasses of water before bedtime leads to a wet awakening !!!!
Sufficient water intake will reduce risk having headache.. And help stay fit.
lol, ja you will be very wet especially the ladies
thanks ffor sharing health tips
Does it work with Bacardi mixed in?
wow that like wow it's an achievement
i didnt know.thank u for ur info
Thank.!! hope I can apply it in my days right nw.. :)
Wow thank you for sharing
i drink a glass of water before bed, when i wake up and before meals
We made from water every living thing
Woah! Really interesting. I will use this info for good use
tnx alot I didnt even have an idea about it
actually i drink more than 2 liter of water every day .......mmmmmmm but i didnt know how important was drinking water at the correct time....thank you for this good healthy tips
Why not just drink when your thirsty and not spend your whole life worrying about dying.
Two glasses of water after 12 glasses of beer. Yes please.
my mom said,we can't focus on this all time.!
Didn't know about the stroke one, nor about the bl.pressure, so thank you for that:-)  The wonders of water eh
1 glass of water before going to bed with boyfriend avoid thirsty while playing. LOL....  out of topic.... forget it 
Not if its got fluride in it !!
You obviously have never lived in Phoenix where its 120 on a normal day of the week.  There you drink lots of water or basically die ><
Do not drink water before go to bed because it'll causing your internal organs cant rest well and you will wake up in midnight or feel tired in the morning.
Thanks for the advice.
+Gareth McCumskey While the article on Snopes addresses many myths, it also addresses these nearly word for word near the bottom of the page.

I love the Internet for all that it teaches me, but I cringe at all the statements taken as fact just because someone said so.
+Max Leong I was thinking the same thing. Drinking water right before bed will only cause you to wake up during the night, causing your sleep to become interrupted. Not a good idea.
Water is life.buh do you think you can live for 2wks without food en wid water buh u cnt live for 1wk wdout water?
....water is certainly good for you...and we drink too little of it...but honestly...this stuff is realy naff....
....pretend wisdoms for the thoughtless....
i have often read such rubbish on this site...wonder why people post rubbish???... anyway...its not all bad...sometimes good stuff posts here...but you have to sort carefully the wheat from the chaff...bit like life..
Don't drink before going in bed because you are going to pi to hole night.
1 Glass of water before sex helps you perform better in bed and hear nice sounds comming out of your belly.
If you don't have any bleeding problem, take a baby aspirin every other day to avoid heart attack or strokes.
hahahaha awehh imma try that hahaha awehh
Quan Ta
Just remember the water doesn't have to come from a plastic bottle.

Also, be careful on #4 if you are over 50 ;-)  you might pull an all-nighter without realizing why sleep is so elusive.
I think I might go by this every day because I don't really drink water that much
thank you you may have just saved my life lol
Ah.. so it's about the timing.. I keep drinking water during office hours and all I've noticed is the frequent visits to the bathroom.
And the source citation for this advice?
Water for Life. Drinking correct amount of water every day keeps your weight under control!
One advice all  - Check your pee color !
more dark more water needed :)
thanx from now on i'll take water at the right time.
thanks alot.may all be healthy.
Yes very important to drink water ?
Got two glasses everyday after i woke up, and it really helps my digestive organ.
I really never done one of that...thanks now I'll use to...
1 glass of water before going to bed = waking up for a call of nature
I drink loads of water, about 12 cups of tea a day
So when can I drink water after my playing? Read somewhere drinking water immediately after exhaustion is dangerous!
so... when you're older, don't drink water before bed. got it.
this picture makes me wanna drink water!.... :P
1 glass of water before going to bed makes me get up 3AM to go to the bathroom, disrupting my sleep and raising my blood pressure for the day, increasing the risk of a heart attack.
in my culture, we believe that drinking plain water after getting up from sleep(b4 brushing teeth), makes you stay younger.
the main issue is how to keep this in my mind, as i keep on forgetting it :( nice share trying this out!
Can you share the research or references for these? Especially the lowering blood pressure one; without reading the paper, I'd suggest that this would be a short-term effect only.
Thanks for sharing this info...
There's a saying ; knowledge will follow its owner wherever he goes...
70% of our body consist of water....a glass of pure clean water help us to stay healthy
same I boil it ,refigerate it ,then drink it with ice
Where's the study that supports this? First of a a"glass" is not a standard measure. Did they actually mean "cup"? Also there was accounting for body weight or other issues like diabetes. While it sounds good, it's probably as scientifically invalid as the the old "drink 8 glasses of water a day." Not saying that it's wrong, just looking for true scientific validation from a faux-science sounding article.
But the picture shows ice you mean cold water
Thanks for the good inf. Very interesting and instructive.
 My question is, who is the author of this treasure? Water Quality and the ability to drink it - it's longevity of life.
cant believe some of the comments on here. they take it like its fact now. start thinking for yourself peeps
Maybe you are the one who needs to do the thinking....
Even if all these points are made up, you can't go wrong with an extra glass of water.
sip :)
thanks for gave me good info about my life also ma body
final comment by me
nice tip
Good grief are people really this gullible?  This brilliant piece of medical 'advice' is on Snopes.  Really, people, use the Internet to research stuff before passing on this sort of idiocy.  Water=good, but miracle 'organ activator' and heart attack cure, not so much.
It cracks me up that people think Snopes is a reliable source for checking the accuracy of medical advice.  The mayo clinic simply states that you should consult your doctor before taking aspirin.  They do not dispute any of the rest of the details in this message except to say they are not responsible for sending it!

Gullible?  Do you really think someone will grab a glass of water instead of calling 911?  If not, then how is "drink more water" worthless or dangerous advice?  

Drink more water!  You will be much better off than drinking the sugary beverages that sky rocket your blood sugar and contribute to heart disease.  Now there is a fact you can take to the bank ... but ya better check Snopes first?
hey gud info yr now i'll surely follow dis..
Gud information, wil keep on doing that
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