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                                         *Most Pierced Woman*

Her name is Elaine
She is the "Most Pierced
Woman" according to
the Guinness World
She had 462 piercings in
year 2000 but now she
had 6,925 as of Feb,
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i can't see how her real face looks like
so painful
is it easy to eat after this much piercings 
How does she wash her face?
even a vodoo doll could not have that much piercings
That is one bit walking infection waiting to happen...
She's also terrified of magnets. Especially big ones.
must be craving attention and scared of death...
I'd hate to be behind her having to go through a metal detector...there goes your day.
Must be difficult to sleep with all that bling don`t you think?
It's her body. I just wonder if she occasionally takes a plane and how long it takes to board.
+Mardie HU  she washes her face after taking off all those "thingies" which she has worn in her peircings, duh..
Many cultures think it is sacred. But who knows you wake up one morning you might decided to pierce your whole body. Oucch to that too. By the way make sure you are with good friends when you get might happen to you
Kind of piecing addiction! :(
Her face will sag drastically over time as it is an awful weight for her face! This will be deforming her for life! Why on Earth would you do that to yourself...?
I don't think that's enough, she missed a spot
omg, which tribe is she from?
She could have just put a paper bag over that face.  She didn't have to go through all THAT!!
Some cultures do this kind of thing.. But I can't understand why you'd feel the need to take it to extremes.. Though I have heard getting piercings is addictive, much like am the art of tattoos... I know loads of people who find it addictive. Maybe she's addicted?
Also, she must be a good time in airport security.
Wonder how many frequent flyer miles she's
So disgusting. What does she gain from this?
and... one can never have enough holes...
No way this one is getting on a plane..
The green eye shadow really brings out her eyes.
And to each their own, who are we to judge...
it must be hell of a time, taking a shower.
Thats all she have in this world sorry for her!!!!!!!
hey gurl you shop at tiffany's?
disgusting, pointless and makes the statement, "I'm a total idiot".
reju ps way to overcome airport scanners...beep..beep
I wonder when she'll feel satisfied.
so much of piercing on the come...or on the whole body???anyways its NOT cool...
ewww (    P                                                                                                        (   
I bet she is terrified of high powered magnets.
She would have a hard time at the airport lol
How does she sleep with that many on? Don't tell me she takes off 5,000 to 6,000 every night just to go to bed?
Hope she never needs an MRI.
i wonder what make her start being this way
Imagine the rest of her body...there's no way all 6,925 piercings are all on her face.
This is soooo old, im sure she really gives a shit what you all think, coming from a guy that used to have 60+ piercings himself, each to there own she likes it.
Can't mke out if its a male/female, find its creepy,but each to their own!
Why are you in my stream??
The most hated person at a air port.
If she dont wash her face wat else she dont wash
Her whole body has to be pierced... Theres no way her face could hold that many
julia s
that's got to hurt
My wife wasn't crazy about the 14 year old having his ears pierced. May this photo will make it ok. 
Its her wedding day. Lol.
Don't think I would like that many piercings
omg that is crazy. she must be in a lot of pain. lol
Someone's gotta say it.. Just how far down do these piercings go?
Wtf! that's wrong...

Piercings can be a beautiful thing, but when there is too much of them it can make the wrong impression.

Fine example of go home and try again.
reju ps
my she  eat food...can she move her lips properly ?
The lenghts some one will go to, in order to be mentioned in the news. Ridiculous.
Kelli W
I've always thought facial piercings were trash. This is obviously cultural, but still ridiculous. Be honest...If it didn't say "most pierced woman" would you even know the gender? Simply preposterous.
I guess that's one way of getting out of bath time (if you are that way inclined ha!ha!)! Imagine going for a facial, uuuggghhh.
Sort of like making love to a chain saw!
what is the benefit ??...........its abnormal thing !!
Omg ewwwww I can't even see her face 
omg that the uglyest person i have ever seen
well , she earned herself somewhere in the world record .......... now famous. i think it's worth
Wouldn't wanna be head-butted by her
She must have had a rough childhood...
It's amazing, though!
Eve E.
Ewwww her neck is pierced!
What you all fail to remember us each to their own. One mans art is not always approved by others. And they aren't magnetic you retards. 
sam lee
Eww bit to much
How on jellybean's butts would see open her mouth and eat with all those rings in her mouth?
All is perception every culture has different belifs, maybe in her culture it is ok
Its not about this lady....what is that the humans in this guines book wanna prove....special might that they posses or they are special?
Just one question: why would you want to do this to yourself? I don't disrespect her choices, but I wouldn't choose that for myself
Must take awhile to get through security at the airport!
I think ... no one should do like this
wonders shall never END
Ewww imagine what happens when she sneezes! DX
I have seen a before pic of her and she was bueatful.
Where is her face???
Hope she never needs a MRI quickly !!
This is why you should read the instructions on how to safely operate a nail gun.
But this is what some are just waiting on ... the BIZARRE! It's an escape from boring sameness , I GUESS! 
ewwww so nasty rings of a wonderworld lol ttyl peeps
I wonder how she's supposed to take them all off...
How interesting, good luck with your record !!
Just a little 2 many piercings
That is beyond disturbing. I have seen and heard of many extremes when it comes to "body art", but this has gone from art to just insane.
BV Tran
Does that gain her about 4 lbs.?
come ooooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
She clearly destroyed her face... et c vraiment pas fort
All I can say is OUCH and that looks quite risky. She seems pretty decorative.
Weird and creepy at the same time

she looks like she was ugly without the piercings
Obviously does not like the way she looks without piercings.
eww does she have to take all those out when she goes to sleep?! (and she has the same name as me lol)
i got the chills running donw my back
How can she live looking like that?!
OMG, must be hard to wash your face or shower! if you love dogs, feel free to add me +DogsCircle 
Turn the thought around.HOW can you live not looking like that!
What if she gets caught when playing sport or washing, even cooking!
What if they had to perform surgery if she split her forehead open!!! 
People that do this to themselves have mental problems.
Thats just messed up i cant believe anyone would do that imagine sleeping on them
It may turn her (?) Crank, but it sure as heck don't turn mine!"
She has to be into pain...not only the piercing, but the sheer weight.
Just imagine who hard it is to sleep with all of those. :S
That is really nasty with all those piercings it most be really hard to take a shower even if she takes them off thats so disgusting!!!!!!
wonder how she knows if she's lost one??
oh god, that is to much.
that is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my country, she'd be stolen and sold for scrap metal.
Aria O
wow! That much jewlery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's painful if it was pulled! but it is realy bad for you.
The Human head weighs about 10 pounds, I wonder how much her head Weighs.
I guess that rules out her ever going through the TSA metal detector scanner at the airport
oOoH mY goD it's aWfUl mAn
How Does she speak and eat and sleeP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
Its a free old world some might say but plz there should be limit I think, and she has gone pass it.
o my gosh..that has to hurt and weigh her down atleast a little
what the hell that's horrible
WTF. that is not pretty at all
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I actually know this lady personally, she's from Brazil and lives in Scotland and from what i know her, she's a lovely person.
I can barely stand earrings... she's amazing...
i hope she doesnt play football
that would suck at the airport and by the ways who cares which number you are
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