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        Paterswoldsemeer, Dutch city of Groningen

Who wouldn’t want to visit this place.Walk on the ice with water on your both sides !! —
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wow. but scary for me.. can't walk on that. if something happens with the ice.. i'll melt with it, don't know how to swim.
That is amazing. Why does the water freeze in the middle?
nature is full of suspense & amazing things
Natural bridge of woooww..
سبحان الخالق العظيم
Creativity of the Great Creator ( allah)
Wow, amazing! If this is real, I MUST visit it one day. ♥
its just seems like a imagination...!!! but the loveable if i would go der ..!!!
awesome!!! i fell like being there by seeing that pic
Wow..... Such a nice beach.... Must visit it atleast once....
wow its unbelievable 
wow that's gorgious place i want to visit there
so beautiful i should visit this place where is it?
me also i would love to
What do you mean "water on both sides"? The water is only below the ice.

The band that's white is white because that's where people are skating, so it gets scratched. The virgin ice on either side remains clear.

For anyone who wants to visit: that's the one bit the description did get right: Paterswoldsemeer, Dutch city of Groningen. Currently not frozen, obviously. But if you visit during a very cold winter, you might be able to skate here too.
nice place i should go everyone should go because now is summmer ..............want to go badly
Born and raised in Groningen, I can tell you that the whole lake is frozen and the white part is just the damaged ice from ice-skating. Dutch people love to ice-skate on natural ice, whenever possible. That said, Groningen and this lake are a natural beauty in the Netherlands. As we say in Groningen: "There is nothing above Groningen." -> the "above"-part refers to that this is the most northern province of the Netherlands but in in Dutch this sentence also translates as "better than" :)
oh my goodness this is just amazing!!!
It is a path on the freezing lake!
Wow. This is fascinating . Every place has something special about it- this is very special. 
bloody cold though! The wind whips across the flat land freezing your nuts off in the winter.
Wow..wonder if anyone ever fell through the ice. Beautiful and scary at the same time.
Latha V
Really Nice...... Its feel so good
Looks like gods havin a big fat line. Maybe a huge, rolled up 20 will come out of th clouds.
Beautiful simply awesome view ...:)
wow i would love to visit here but does look a lil scary. O.O
this fantastic :)  Jehovah God is so wonderful
The last years, a frozen lake like this in The Netherlans is a rare happening, so it is even more exceptional!!! (The global warming???)
it is the most beautiful
Allah is great . This pic is nice
ohh my god.......... it is real........... unbelivable...........
amazinggggg gud one......
Well that's just misleading. Cool photo but it's all ice.
Wow that's so cool I would love to go there for my holidays!!!!! :)

It's a frozen lake without snow on the ice.. What so special about that??  It's just like any hockey rink or whatever?? It's a great picture but really nothing special about the ice or anything...
I would. I would. I just hope I don't slip and fall on my way
it s truly amazing and nice photo
where is this place if it is not Grahpics
It is indeed amazing
wow so awesome but terrifying!
wow, is best location.and beautiful.
I wonder how one could do such a thing... That's what simply amazes me. You honestly have so much power? We are only humans. 
واقعا چنین جایی هست...
M Way
Yeah I'd be a bit nervous walking on that, but lovely all the same.
واقعا چنین جایی وجود داره ؟
Walk on ice?  Very doesn't work that way...
it might be amazing
i would love to be there
did yall kno dat i dint no did u kno was awesome
Idfk how that is possible; someone please explain it to me!!!!!!!!
Isak Md
MASHA ALLAH.............
that's how God made everything beautiful..
I need to know the science behind this
OMG,this needs a so big WOW,really
As a Dutch let me explain that everything you see is frozen, the white banner you see is caused by the little ice scratches on the ice (from the ice skates) that makes little pieces of ice/snow. The frozen ice left and right from the banner is still pure and transparant, like ice cubes.
Oh my god that what you call heaven but hope lot naked women :) 
I thought it's sand & man made!!! Wow double beaches I never seen something like that.
Its nice.What is the the name of this place
 How amazing is that i would love to go there.
I say it again.. 
It's a frozen lake without snow on the ice.. What so special about that??  It's just like any hockey rink or whatever?? It's a great picture but really nothing special about the ice or anything strange with the fact that you can walk on ice.. If it's just thicker than 5cm you can walk on it without any issues.. 
amazing creation of nature.
Oh place where only rich ass holes can get there with no problem :) 
i think its awesome! ice rinks are man made this is natural and beautiful!
what time of year does this happen?
This is beautiful tho!!
Where is it? so beautiful
Great photo if the location and time of such beautiful scene known useful to visit
subhan allahh
Inshallah i will visit it soooonn...
Amazing... I can already feel the thrill... 
How can only a part of the river freeze while there is water on both sides? It is against law of Thermodynamics as well as Heat Transfer. But it is still cool.
Do people bring ice skate to work? Ha this is amazing, nature is full of wonderful things
I'm pretty sure that's not water on both sides.  Just ice that hasn't been skated on as much.
that is awesome, anyone know how much flights there from Melbourne are?
I wish i could spend some time with my loved one there its really awesome ..<3
Chopped. I can tell by the pixels.
Wow is this real..worth visiting it..
It's pretty amazing to see how many people here are awed by the sight of a frozen lake. It's absolutely a beautiful photo, but water freezing to ice is a pretty common phenomenon in colder climates.

There's also a surprising number of people that are gullible enough to believe that the clear ice is actually water. Even if your common sense is letting you down, just look at the photo!
thanks for friendship
I really hope I can visit this place one day.....
yah realy amazing.......i would like to go that place
Beautiful picture and would love to skate there!
Where is this? Please tell its awesome.....
So awesome!! I haven't even touched ice! Let alone walk on it!!!! :D
 i want to go that place :')
i literally got goosebums after watching this.... the nature has so much in store for us.
no i don't think that's it's real
is it real?? I'm amazed..........
The most amazing thing on Google+ is the number of people who don't know how to use Google without the "+"
awssssssom but i think it may imagination at all
Unbelievable and my next trip to this place for sure
All time freezing ice around the year?
might be your unlucky day on tht ice...!!
It's beautiful yes !!! It's dangerous sure !!
Yet another misleading post from +did you know?

I guess they google the word amazing, do a quick image grab then post their first notion about someone else's story.

Like here. Not water on both sides unless you count ice as water. 
Amazing.....Nature at it's best...
There isn't water on both sides, it's all frozen over
i hate questions but this photo is very nice.
Pretty yes...But what do you do when a boat rushes past on either side,causes a wake, and washes you away, hmmm?
Woo beautiful and natural haven
Its very nice
Very cool, You know what, this is why google+ is so much better than facebook, you can have a decent conversation, meet Interesting people, and learn something new along the way, thanks everyone. ;-)
Tj John
WOW that is amazing.
I wish I could experience that in my lifetime.
Sounds kinda dangerous…… But i wanna do it ✔
Adam S
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