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               Hanshin Expressway Goes Through a Building

It's not easy building a new highway in Japan, since it's one of the most crowded places in the world. For instance, often you'll find that the place where you want to build your roadway happens to be obstructed by a skyscraper. There's no place else to put it, and the owners of the building certainly don't feel like tearing it down. What do you do?
Youtube video :  Hanshin Expressway in Japan
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wow  .............its awesm...........
I can't be the only one wondering how noisy it is to have an expressway going through your living room...
oh wow they just find there way
Again with the YouTube pictures. Don't you know how to post 'moving' pictures on YouTube?
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Seriously, all day listening to cars at work, let's not forget the imminent danger it places on the lives of both.
do this mean over population,its full of buildings with no plants to give life,surely the ozone go!what will feed on the carbon reproduced from our busy cities like these?
Though a lovely but i love my piece of land,my steping on soil with just by in&digeneous trees to serve me air!
Al Quaida Terrorists Love such Buildings. They can go to work by Car.
So they don't have space? Seems like there is plenty of space to the right of that building.
I'm an architect, and I know why they did that 
indeed japanese are the leaders in innovation.
Wonderful concept this must be used at other crowded cities also
eeeii... na through be dat infate JAPANESE.. wt gone into the technological WORLD.hop to achieve my technical experience there.......oh my GOD....? 
Ok on our break time Who wants to play a game of dodge car? 
Jay D
This has to be the most posted pictures on google + to date. 
very good architechture in " EXTRAorDINORY ".
Never been to Japan, but I can understand the concept. What else can they do with the population they have anyway. I couldn't handle the crowd, I'm more of a outdoor country sort of guy.
technology of the future ... increasingly sophisticated world
When we in the US grow up and stop playing soldier and war, we could get back to creating and building humanity.
Pretty dumb use of building space...
Its fascinating how human beings think
Amazing!! 40 years ago That area was covered in palm trees. I preferred the palm trees.
^Well, when you invent a time machine....
Why don't they construct buildings all over the road.. It wil save some agricultural land...
Nice bit of original design. Gotta feel sorry for the people living there
Dats smtin 2 crazy 2 b done. As a mata of fat na nonsense,imagine nuclear emision,radiation,radioactivitis,ozone depletion n many oda hazads now, dat such 'innovation' cud cause.
+Victor Unkow Building humanity? This is why most of the world thinks Americans are idiots, statements like this.
Looks to me like they could have gone around it.
In America they just tear down the poorest most ethnically diverse neighborhood
A very good way to control traffic and facilitate roadways .
I think its way out for transportation difficulties in places crowded with buildings , superstructures & markets .
I would love to drive in it .
When there is a will, there is always a way:- It is proved! Great. These kind of things are the result of innovative thinking. Hats off to the TEAM, who has made it possible
Drive through office..what will they think of next
How did they deal with the noise ?
Might be a bit noisey in them offices!
This is why cars should be flying....
The expressway goes through the Gate Tower building in Osaka.  Floors 5 -7 are rented out to the highway, and they added noise abatement, shocks, etc.
I enjoy watching pornography on HD screen.
"AWESOME, Just to "KNOW"!!!
I can't help but see the pic and wonder why they couldn't have gone around the building on the side toward the camera.  Surely that would be better than going THROUGH the middle of someone's office or living space!
AWESOME creativity yarrrrr.........
Hopefully there isn't an accident inside with a car fire.
The Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) in Chicago goes through a building as well. It is the old Main Post Office Building. There are many pictures.
wow man,this speaks volumes about why is this country so renowned when it comes to, some technological cross-roads!!!
For me,I think i'm dreaming....imagine me and you what's going see...expressway going to the huge building and i'm so crazy about what's happening now in the world...Spectacular!!!
L Nez
nice nice
Nothing I like better than going to YouTube to watch a video comprised only of still images. Why not just upload the pictures to the post so we don't have to go to another site to see what we could have seen here in G+?

Otherwise, this is still neat.

Delivery of the story needs work.
there is no tension here, is there?
This certainly forces you to think about the legacy of eminent domain in the U.S. Would something like this happen in the U.S.?
Personally, I wouldn't want to live in that building especially near the tunnel. Very interesting though, thanks for sharing.

/ David
+David Forgue Wow... I was unaware. Very nice. I suspected that something like this would be unlikely in the U.S., but you are not the only one to point that out to me.
thats realy cool but that would be a lot of noise
That's about the coolest thing since Stapleton Airport in Denver placed one of it's primary runways across an interstate! :)
structural alterations requiring planning permissions. 20 years if that was to happen in the UK
The Helmsley Building in NY comes to mind.
Unbelivable construction..
Realy good
If it is true it's amazing, want to see it with my own eyes.plz post me area n location of this highway. 
soon they're going to make two story highways. :3
Now thats different i hope no one lives or works on the upper floors of the
Thats quite weird, must be so cool though
"Stop driving through my living room!" lol
Talk about a terrorist target! This one is like asking for it. I wouldn't live with in a mile of this place. 
have'nt seen anything like that b4... its beautiful!
I wouldn't want to work their. A constant WHOOOOOOSH sound would not make for good e work efficiency.
You've posted this twice before
Someone google mail me so board xxxx
Looks scary as hell if they have an earthquake that would put travel no more
We do that in the U.S. of A., but for field mice and lizards.... mail me please board stiff xxxx mail me please board stiff xxxx
مصر سنة20900

Wonder which came first, the building or the road?
What is the point of linking to a "video" of still pictures?
Hmmm i wonder if you can honk your horn going through the building ? doesn't it disturb the people working...
Steph K
What if there is an accident? Wouldn't a lot of people in the building die? Or worse, if there were an explosion or fire wouldn't the building burn down or something?
This is pretty awesome, I would expect to see this somewhere in Asia.
It's nice but i can't sleep there.
How Can a high Way Split a building ? It Is Not Safe Idea
We need more stuff like that cause its cool. We need more stuff that is cool :D

(sounds like the word of a simple person but think about it)
That is amazing, we need something like that in London, that would be really cool :)

I'm pretty sure its distracting having a highway inside the same building you work in every day.
Japanese are so inventive, they find different ways of making their life easier.
So does the Cross Bronx Parkway 1950s
Gives new meaning to drive-thru. %-)
Niko J
I think it is necessary to make flying cars as well as in the movies lol...
Japanese wonder....wonder like the Ninja mirage u see but u don't see.
Japan at its best... always ahead of everyone else :)
Wow! great techNLOLOGY

 Hope it will be done here in the  Philippines.
which one should be built first.... building or highway?
Wow awesome,Japan is always ahead when it comes to technology I THINK.
this  is so hilarious and cool!
That's nothin'. The cross Bronx expressway near the GW bridge goes through four apartment buildings
Did they built highway first & then building or other way around ? 
How I wish my country will be like this....
Need to find always such solution due to lack of space. but its nice.
wonderful place,great people 
nice place which place is this ?...
It is not the only one. The express lane exit/entrance in downtown Seattle is passes under the Gateway Tower.
Good to share space.  Smart thinking of engineers !!  ThmbsUp !!
Although this seems cool, what would happen if an accident occured?
Although this seems cool, what would happen if an accident occured?
I've also realized that if something dramatic happens in an anime on a highway, it almost always takes place around this section!
As far as safety of the building goes, it looks like there is a pretty solid tunnel structure separating  the freeway from the building. So even if someone crashed into the tunnel wall, it doesn't seem as if they would penetrate it of cause any harm to the building it goes through.
wow!what is this?a road pasting through the bliud,what a noicy place and what an uncomfort there. 
Now if they would eating cats and dogs dumb asses
Thats the best looking highway in the world.
Whos for double glazing then?

Thats crazy how they built
that highway,that would not work in the u.s.a
how noisy it'll be during traffic jams inside the building
Grace R
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