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              Rotating Tower Dubai

Da vinci Tower A $350 million tower to be known as the Dynamic Architecture building is to be constructed in Dubai. The 68-story tower will feature floors that can be individually rotated via voice commands.
YouTube : Dubai Rotating Tower
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Seriously? Amazing if true! "I'm fed up of this view, let's change"!
Schiwi M
this can't be real? looks like Jenga :/
If you read the description, it says: " to be constructed..." And "...will feature...". It's not real yet. I so hope it will be though :)
Ty ty, I planned my dreams!
Looks to me like a nightmare to build and maintain with a high probability for disaster.
Dustin Jones
I thought one of the things the middle east hated about the US was garish displays of wealth. 
"look East", there goes your apartment....
Interesting drawing, but I'd be surprised if it ever actually gets built. 
The building is moving but the cars aren't!!!
I'd be happy to move into a place like that!
Will it safe? When it rotate?
It will be a really wonder building though...

But tell me again, why is it so important for a country to have magnificent buildings? Skyscrapers they called?
Santiago Calatrava built one in Malmö back in 2005. "Turning Torso".

Dubai is bcmng the super pwr cntry vth it's infrstrctr
I'm sorry for the guy who happens to be washing the windows at the time someone decides to change the view...
What is this ? Where is this ?
Dats sum fif element shite rite dere
I won't feel too safe, living at the top levels of that structure.
This is really amazing!
अविश्वसनीय सच!!!!!!
Dubai: The City of the, really!!!
LOVE THIS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very nice amazing. its possible in dubai. coooolllll!!!!
You would need to have one occupant per floor else imagine people on different sides all wanting to see the sunset? 
I wonder how elevators are going to look like. And fire stairs. And water supply.

I can't see how to make reliable plumbing in such structure.
That way if the poor people you're looking at bore you with starvation you can rotate elsewhere to catch a good broken bottle fight.
No doubt Amazing but whats the Use?
this can't be real?! looks like Jenga :/
Weird! So, how can you ever tell if it's been damaged by an earthquake?
Giant Jenga! girder and panel style! love it!
Wow! THaT's hoW techNology works
Wow! THaT's hoW techNology works
Koi bhi bata dijia na ki photo kaise upload kiya jata hai please
Looks like a giant game of Jenga...
Really? Why are the cars in the road in exactly the same position in all three photos??
unbelievable thought Realistic Work. 
Wow they think of everything in Dubai!
i would be more happy if it was built with chocolates...
It looks an ugly building
Amazinggggggg......#burz khalifr# technology, then rotating tower technology....what's next WONDERFUL DUBAI
I actually saw this tower last week. It was Amazing
wow...things only made by a broad mind,,, it..:-)
My 3 Houses lol........Party Party Party
The entire building rotating in different positions? It'll never work. Not if there is to be plumbing and power and ventilation. Other than that..., sure. 
I think this is really amazing and I like the colour of the wind, it is really creative
No shit! And thats not actually a lot of money for something like that...not when they build crappy council buildings in England for not much less!! Why not up the budget a bit and rotate all the floors..we would be lining up to pay our bills. Lol.
Amazing. Dubai it's another planet.
That would be incredibly amazing if it's true!
Its simply a waste of energy. Imagine how much electricity will be wasted. Unless they use a solar power …  
That's absolutely crazy and unbelievable, I'm a bit of a dare devil but I'll never go no where near that building.
How will the plumbing and electrical cabling work? Also I think it'll look like a mess all the time as it'll never be lined up like in the first two pics!
Well People will puking in there all the time... :)
yet more ridiculous news from Dubai.  They haven't learned yet? Those man made islands were found to be sinking, Their pragmatic neighbors had to bail them out from near financial catastrophe.
Voice commands? Wow! I would record them and then it will be fun!
May be possible but not necessary. 
Fake coz 3 buildings standing on same road lol

Wow but someone has way too much money.  
Yeah great but totally impractical, you'd have to own or rent a whole floor. This is never gonna happen
?????... lets wait n if it'll come 2 fruitation... if at all it will...
it's fake (not rotating) because look at the streets... they are all the same
.003" slop on each floor/footing, times 68= .204" (about a quarter inch) of slop build up... times floor width ... about 5 FEET of wobble on the top floor. I'll pass. 
angrez ke chode aur kuch nhi aata kya
+Elick D'Rozario look at the caption , it says  "is to be constructed" , this pic is a graphical representation of how it might look.
Yes, most rich people want to live in large towers of Jenga.
world is change .....this change is necessary and amazing........
I can think of MILLIONS of things we could be spending money on in this world to better mankind than a STUPID ROTATING TOWER
"Wow what an artictect......!"
lukng amazing, mind blowing.
I do not wanna sound down for you people out there , but this building with fair pay for construction workers from third world countries would cost four times this 350 $ million 
Amazing engineering indeed, but completely useless.
I know they must spend their money in Dubai on something, but this one was stupid. What a waste of resources.
It would have been better if they have built a pyramid like in Egypt. Pyramids last longer.
Concept building ?
Never support a place that pays 500 $ a month for six days a week hard labor ?
that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!where is this at?
this is probably the stupidest most obnoxious thing i have seen this year, and probably all the way to next year
Alx Mac
Ummm why exactly would u need a building with rotating floors???
+Quincy Poaches, with an attitude like that, nothing will be possible. You have to see it as a challenge instead of as a certain impossibility, that's what the designers of this building did (and pretty much every engineer in every project). It was a challenge during design phase, but far from impossible and this building has been featured on a few documentaries that explain how the connections are designed. Google for "Da Vinci Tower" or "Dynamic Tower" if you want to get more information.
Besides, this tower was planned for 2010 already, so it seems to be a bit like the Duke Nukem Forever of architecture...
Tony j
Wow wow wow
nice,this is my house XD
I don't understand the actual reason for this... aside from being a gimmick.
Saw Ni
yes ,ofcourse
Anything is possible, but this seems like it would be hard to execute. You couldn't have stairs at all, so you would rely on elevators. They would presumably be placed in the center. Do there would be a ring in the middle that didn't move. Your room would have to rotate s certain way to access the elevators. What the hell happens if there is a fire?
it is your gas dollars at proud every time you gas up
Welcome to the world of technology! Everything which seems impossible will become possible in the future. Buckle up guys...
I am in Dubai since last 20 years... I doubt its not true... there is no rotating towers
this would be a waste of money
Hope they all fall down while it's full of the rich people..... 
its nly A concept...will take years for it to bcome practical
y do i feel like da pic is edited
Dubai is so far in over its head right now with so many half completed and abandoned projects this will never happen. The insane infrastructure construction rate and opulent development stopped a good number of years back now. The money and investment for something like this just isn't there anymore. Projects like this are once again just fantasy. 
+Piyali Roy  its a digital rendering of a concept they havent built yet
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Where the water pipes and tubes go?
But they have the money to do it. If they can create their own island they can make a voice activated rotating building.
+Muhammad Farhan Qureshi the description says " is to be constructed in Dubai" indicating that this is a proposed structure, on the drawing board, has not yet begun construction.
English is such a cryptic language at times.
My worry is how will it (the building) act when those desert winds come whipping through?
if U can dream Can be done 
For $350 million. I don't think so. Maybe $350 billion.
mind blowing  archi ... heavy talanted enggi
gas dollars at work....we can all be proud every time we gas up knowing we have less to spend because of high gas prices so these towers can be built
Something like that for $350 million seems like a bargain. 
ask me if I think gas prices could be lower
Construction already started years ago but currently on hold since the crisis. Site is between the Emirates Towers & Dubai World Trade Center. 
nice tower but macanical falt is dangorus
It is better than stacking in swiss account!!!!!!!!
+Did You Know ? Should really be more clear that this is not a real picture but a design concept. Plenty of responses here seem to think this is a real picture of a real structure. 
Obvously not real you wouldn't be able to install stairs or an elevator. 
I wish some one would start post pictures of thes guys getting on a plane in Dubai with their hed gear and robes...changin in flight to their suits and hitting the vegas night clubs for their women, gambling and parting
it would be a developer nightmare with little regard for the concepts of statics or dynamics
This has been planned for a while. I remember seeing this a few years ago. If it does get built, it seems like it would be a maintenance nightmare. Still very cool. 
Did someone from Asgard (version: THOR, the Marvel movie) decide to build a summer palace in the Midgardian desert?!
Dubai makes some pretty amazing buildings. :D
Li na
Wow...!! Amazing
Dubai tries so hard to become the new mecca of the world, but until they stop letting their ridiculous beliefs (like their conservative views on women) run the country, it will remain popluar only in limited quantity. Makes me sad because it is so beautiful 
Ryan T
Ha! Another sign the U.S. is falling behind, we squabble over extending unemployment benefits for life while other countries are growing, developing amazing architecture. Oh well, our short reign as world leader was fun, but it's done ;-)
+Elick D'Rozario  - if I understand the paragraph correctly it hasn't been built yet. What you see is an artist's rendering of what it's supposed to look like.
Wow. What a waste of money. Starving people around the world and poverty at an all time high and people decide to blow a half a billion dollars on a building that roatates floors.
We can build this but not a more efficent car....really
Awesome! But it looks more of like Jenga :D
Traffic looks the same when the towers rotate...
Please use money to make poverty history in the world.
what is this man look like the rissing of the transformer.

Arabs were eating lizards and now because of their money , look
               P E R S I A N  G U L F
You've gotta be kidding... This is insane!
How much smaller will It be to the burj Khalifa 
It sounds great on paper but, in reality I think this could be the Titanic of buildings if it ever gets built. Too many things can go wrong at any given time. 
Not only is it a waste of money, but think of the many more things that could go also looks unsightly
No this is what we call the NEW YEAR technology girl
Your high gas prices money at work
Since you compare this to the USA have a look how and why the US is crumbling in many ways. It's not just the USA, it's the western culture that's digging away its foundations! You might take a look at the following site:
just wait till a gear or motor breaks on one of those floors :P
You must just have a lust odd things to post. This is like the third time you've posted this
this is REAL architecture, engineering must be at least 50% of the problem to be solved. love this stuff
What about wind shear? This may fall down.
Last comment, and... VOICE COMMAND?????!!!!!!!!!
Something similar to Turning Torso in Malmo, sweden. But this one is taller and more beautiful with reflective glasses.
so you can always see the sunset i guess
another 500th comment
I think There is a bug in this ONLY 500 Comments... Even after 500 ppl get to post another
Google realllly needs to take care of it.. 500th yet?
+Neeraj Apte its because this hasn't been created now.. the pic is an artistic imagery of what it should be looking like..
its still a dream since 2007.  :D :P
M from dubai .. there is no hotel or building here .. itz just fake news
Its Fake
Friends, Can you see vehicles? they are on same position in 3 pics but building only turned.. 
Use your brain
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