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               One of the Most Dangerous Walkway in the World

Did you ever seen such a dangerous walkway. El Caminito del Rey can be considered most dangerous walkway in the world. El Caminito del Rey was built in 1901 as a connection between the power plants of Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls. It took four years to finish and in 1905 Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, crossed the walkway for the inauguration, thus giving it its name, The King’s Walkway.
YouTube: Most Dangerous Walkway
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I've seen something like that at Machu Picchu 
Walking on this is on my list of "Things to do before you die"!
Check everything for the first time
It might be "Things to do just before you die" ...
yeah, but people have crossed that safely too!
I guess the big question is: How did they build this thing in the first place?
Just don't look down!  WOW lol Like Aerosmith once said, "Walk This Way!".  lol
If walkway is considered dangerous, how about it's construction? it would have been lot more dangerous and I admire those that worked hard and built it.
we av sometin like that in OBUDU RANCH BRIDGE CROSSING.its sometin scary.
That is crazy. I dont think I would want to walk that because I would be thinking about it falling apart. 
One teensy little rumble and the next thing you know your a goner
looks fun, one day I will climb a real mountain .
Ana Le
holy F............. i thinnk i would have a heart atack:D
oh wow its difficult to walk through such path
oh my goodness what a path way is this real.pls help me locate there
What do you do when you meet someone coming towards you?
There many thing we don't know
But in my opinion
Media is playing main role which we all to realize, and make him effective,
So that curiosity don't make life of any miserable.
Thanks for reading.
Jai swaminarayan
May god give all or show real path for life....!
that looks soooo scary!!! watch your step..
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Like how they're wearing helmets! Is that in case they fall? 
i cnt walk on a such narrow path
Dangerous should probably be reserved for something that actually correlates to the highest number of deaths per year. Say the I-5 highway. 
What an adventure,too risky for my liking....
dj zino
too riskie. I will love to treck it wow
If they could build the path we didn't they just put barriers up to? Thats kind of like the design flaw in the Death star that leads to its inevitable destruction/people falling off 
Looks a little bit precarious to me... and well done for those who crossed this walkway. They are very brave.
A real man would have sex on that walkway!!!
Wow its fucking scaring,wat is d essence of using d Elemnt bcos even with d element if they happen 2 fall down,it means they r gone,I mean dead.Dead I mean

i think its one of most dangerous way in universe......................
Incredible! Can anybody tell me where on earth it is : )
Try to trough it everybody uhuiiii...woww...?!!!! Scary one
amazing work of the group who had provided such a platform ..... in such a location.

Hats OFF to you ppls!
Not gonna try it even if i would collect money
there should be an ''attempted suicide'' note at either ends of the walk way :)
amazing work ...but how they laid it ???
In which country is this located ??????????
اوه.اوه.کدوم کله خری از اینجا عبور میکنه؟..
چه دبل کله خری اینو ساخته ها؟؟؟
خدا به دور،انا چه حالی میده ها.چه عظمتی داره این کوه.به نازم قدرت خدا رو.ماشاءالله.تبارک وتعالی
huuuu...... It's realy amazing
i think its not too dangerous as indian bridges ......................
wow , intresting while walking on that
It is verery good for who don't bleave to allah.
I will never walk there i have height phobia
but it's beautiful place and i bet the view is amazing
r u actually doin that or ur just fakin
I remember reading a few years ago that they were talking about restoring this so that people could visit safely... Anyone know if that ever happened?
Only God make it possible but for me I wish safe journey
I have to go there!!! Hope it is still passable when I get to it.
Can't even think about crossing it :( 
they are so brave to do this if i put myself in there position i will die for sure
I have altophobia or no way I am going anywhere near!!
So scary.......isn't it amazing to know how, when and who all have built this?
This is on my list of things definitely NOT to do.....ever!
Vooooo .... what a treck this must be
Sunil R
I wanna walk there........

I can only try it when m drunk! Lol.
i love it to do my life
I can walk it in a game, no worries, if I fall, I can just "TRY AGAIN!"..... lol!
why they have safe things on?  i dont need... there is clear way to walk..
i wish to walk ther once in my life time.....
...Like walking ya self to death!
Interesting to see history connected with this adventure. 
amazing but...

i would like to test 
Dangerous Kind Of Adventure  
U have to be on it for it to be dangerous so, in my case, not so much.
time to ride a bicycle across it
Very Dangerous and beautiful to walk on this walkway.
would surely love to give this a try...  
woooohhhh what a dangerous way .never easy to walk on this way
I'd like to walk, once i walk then never afraid.
Dangerous indeed,when it's rains and the winds blow hard,,,good luck!!
it will be fun if u dont look down....but if u look down .........naaaa......nothing...
it would so fun to do 
oh hell...i wud walk it like a boss...i wud own tht sh*t...yup
Love to see someone commit suicide there HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOL
There isn't enough dope in the world to make me want to walk on that and its old as hell never .
UN Believable these place is Look Like  very dangerous
Adventures, dangerous, fearsome and invitation to death by self, But brave always go ahead with risk and life threatening danger cause it is always win ahead of fear. So gulp a bottle of Mountain Dew and proceed forward to conquer the fear.
Great adventure..............................
hell yeah..i hav the ballz to do it...and i wud...but i wud hafta hav sumone join me...wudnt b fun for just one person...
tis cool...i'd lov to take part
I never saw it in my life I wish I could walk der
so where were the masons hanging as they construct?
id rather a taxi thanks.
i did this before because life is not wat you can get but wat you can do
Last time I saw this, it was'nt in this good condition, infact many of the sections were missing and as much as I like an adventure, you''d never catch me walking along it!
u wish!!
but im not....
its very dangerous to walk on that bridge .....
wow...u will never see me to walk on that.......!!!!
Trailing walk with gladiater heart
I have visited this place ... not done the walk but it is beautiful.
i will love to walk on it so i be the 1st from nigeria to walk on it
The person who took the picture is 276 foot tall! and has specially made clothes ;-)
Now for our segment entitled "Fuck that shit!" 
Ha, look close, a woman is in front !!!! 
I could run it blind folded
I like this fun & Adventure.
This seems somewhere in Nepal? Or in Tibet? 
Walking on it would be easy for the guy's that had to build it 
mmmmh, ths 1 is cool though ts dangerous.
Hehehe going down it with a bicycle will be fun hehehe lyk the movie tokyo drift, think tokyo bicycle drift

wow...awesome !
Yes I know DRM the last time this was posted.
Afraid of heights so not at all interested in walking on d Kings Walkway!
I was there over christmas, not on it,. I was down below watching two people walk along it --- scary...
is that wood holding the concrete........coz if it is..............then most dangerous it is
that's is amazing place to go to
 but yes its also scary to go through it 
Why didn't they build it wider an install hand rail?
Awesome!!!.....eish but this is risking business
Walked this (the kings walkway) with full via ferratta gear only to meet people strolling the other way with no protection (think we even met a guy walking his dog on it!) Getting onto the walkway from the El chorro end is probably the most exposed part as you step from metal staple to metal staple for 10 mtrs or so and then climb a ladder made of similar staples. All good fun!
I can barely imagine walking on it. What was it like building it?
i can do it cuz it is my passion....adventure is the most horrorable feeling if you can feel it.
Wow uhmm! Who on earth is d archite of dis stuff
For the right money I would do it
it is the craziest idea for someone with his right senses to walk or else he has prepared to see God
Try to hike to the topof My. Huasan in china, the one pictured above is wider.
Looks like a nice trail to ride mountain bike on with a go pro helmet cam
I can do that very easily:/ really:/
its very dangerous but is very good to watch it!!!
Man must show his love two a woman by walking there.
this is not only dangerous but verry dangerous
How is it dangerous when every one is hooked up to a harness?
i would do that with no ropes
iz very cool...dangerous point...!:)
wow...what a dangerous walkaway,so scared...
i saw a photo of a walkway in China which is more dangerous than this.
i bet the hole mountain falls on top of him
Good to 4-5 stories Wth lots of safety. This would scare ME! 
omg im batman i could look down haha
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