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                     USB Mini Fridge

You can keep a cool beverage ready to drink at all times. A built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within five minutes after being plugged in. It works with any computer operating system and does not require batteries. Simply plug the USB port in, insert your canned drink and enjoy! . Price = 20$ to 30$
YouTube : USB Mini Fridge
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Another useless invention I definitely want.... lol
Can it fit a coors light? If so game on
Quickest way to kill a USB port!
when idea gets bored or needs upgrade, this is what happens... but it is good... it is one can, it just need a re-filler.... lol!
Nice invention. I want a USB tea maker.
Wow! I mean that is like so awesome!
Does anyone try it ? Where I can get this ??
It's a cool device, but really? Just drink it ya REALLY need a cooler for a 12oz can?
A mate of mine at work has this exact gadget - and it totally rocks!
Not big enough for a can of Guinness
I have one of those so cool but I hate how it only keeps one cold. But you can keep it in there if your drink gets warm :).
Bill G
I must have this!!!  I need one on each machine.
Too fucking "COOL"! or should I say "COLD"? hehehe...
Hotels north east road
Guy at work has one, he finds it to loud to actually use.
Only $1949.00, Can't buy just one at THAT price! wow
I wonder if it works with a mobile USB charger. If it does, I wouldn't mind getting one for after my bicycle rides. 
Or, you know, you can just walk to the office fridge.
Now we need one that heats coffee and keeps it at a good drinking temp. No wonder we need more USB ports all the time.
Been around for years! Where have you all been?
Just big enough for a Beer what could be better?.mm a USB fridge that holds 6
Cool! I love it cuz i love anything tecnical! I have watched it on you tube!
Its nice where i can get this
a real innovation for IT people.//
thats some massive sh"t ryt there
Wow that's amazing I just can't wait to purchase one
technology this days 1wnt hav drive, we'll just get into a car off its gone.
don't bother, i've got one and it is not strong enough to cool a warm can down, just enough to keep an already cool can coolish
this world of ours things are going too far.
how about now a heater your your pizza and then chair-toilet, keyboard-pillow and we can live at 1 spot forever..
Has bad reviews of it not really working :/
And what about the carbon footprint? It'll be thrice the size of the fridge I guess(if not more)
yap this is true, we have this in our country :) check cdrking store, or you can google it 
+Nkansah Rexford  we didnt mention any store cusz if we did , people would say that DYK promoting any product etc. well you can buy from amazong and ebay just search mini usb fridge :)
Shouldn't these guys at least put up an image of what they're talking about?
I saw this in an office-equipment store's catalogue in November.  They had sold out by the end of the month.  It was quite a popular item, the staff told me. :)
Pff. I have a real fridge next to my computer... 
super cool..........................
LOL it's really cool !!!
Drink cold all the times 
i want to commercialise this, please contact me:
then we don't have to walk. just sit down and enjoy the coca cola zero... hahaha...
were can i get one?? pls reply.....
Im more worried about the ingredients in that can!
we have to stay there and fell the freshness of coca cola zero
What is nice in this. I think this is worsted drink in the world.   
M. Xx bz.
C. B V:?$ cv. : xx zz
What I need is a rechargeable cooler bag, 5v USB, plugs into car charger, potable backup battery, or computer/laptop. A bag/box that can fit a 12-pack of bear or 6 24oz cans, or your everyday caviar and cocktail shrimp. This is old tech and has been quite left behind.. so HUGE PROPS for advancing this tech in a usefull way, when it has been rather neglected for public purposes.
Guess durability less than a year?
2 gd bt of ltd use though !!
I hacked one of these to cool down a fish tank full of rainforest moss. Perfect!
Thats tight i loke to have one of those 
but it sucks a lot of battery charge when using on laptop
Made in China, don't use often but certainly a great idea.
that would be even better if this thing becomes battery operated
They've been on the market for some time here in Sweden and the version sold here can also keep beverages hot. Too small to be practical for me though.

I'm gonna buy a real mini fridge to have under my desk instead.
l guess they target gamers who always have a beverage handy but seldom have time to go to the fridge.
What? cold beer all the time right on my desk, awesome! 
cool drink with your average computer time
Jimmy B
Need one big enough for a bottle of beer or two.
And still every minute 18 children die of starvation. Weird world we live in.
lets hope it never goes in reverse and freezes you PC instead
I have one.  The idea is cool, but this thing is not so cool (literally).
Buzz Wu
That is the coolest mini fridge!
How do we know that this isn't a picture of a normal sized fridge with a XXX large can inside?
this product have been in market for few years already.
Good idea, but looks like it would difficult to put a can in there and take it out every time you take a drink!
Making it in the size of a soda bottle would be more useful for those who enjoy drinking.
Thumb for that, great development
Really this is deep is technology taking us to? Hmmmmmmmm
Great, use more electricity on some plastic crap that will break in a month and be thrown in landfill leaching toxins into the soil whilst you swill down on some gut rot you drink on the way to the doctor that's going to tell you have diabetes from lining the pockets of a multinational said gut rot provider!!! I'm sure I've left out something?
what a stupid and useless product! YES! great job in doing your part to not only fuck up the environment... but also make people utter idiots!
Anyone wanna buy this product just go to eBay and type mini USB fridge. Plenty of choice and cheap.less than USD25.
Purchased at Officeworks (Australia) for <AUD$20
I I would take it apart and reverse the leads on the TEC it so it can heat a can of coffee.
WOW thats some tech. Wonder where you can buy one
Sorry to be a kill-joy, but I bet it doesn't keep it very cold.
Good, but after opened for too long the soda becomes flat. Wish there was a cure for that...
that great. i wish to be a distributor in Nigeria. how do i get the product?
Nice! Is there a gadget for a hot drink?
I've purchased solid state heat pump flat panels for experiments. I have to say this has to be one of the worst possible uses for them. I'd find little use for this device EXCEPT for the fact most other people would think I had one of the coolest gadgets on my desk imaginable. Sometimes that is what technology is for ;)
how is this a 'did you know?'? ok, i'll try:
did you know that manufacturers market all sorts of worthless plastic garbage?
These sound nice but they're actually worthless. The drink does not get that cold. This, like many other USB powered novelty items (e.g. a mug or heat ring), only exist as a cheap gift you give a friend for novelty sake.
That is about the craziest yet coolest thing I have ever seen
$ 30? you gotta be kidding! this is only $ 16 in indonesia
+Richard Brown The device inside can keep the contents as cold as the fan can remove the heat from the hot side of the active element. That being said, It doesn't appear to be insulated, someone mentioned the fan is cheap/noisy, and I'm sure it assumes a desktop case where you can pull a full amp via the usb port. Those panels can achieve +60C difference for the 48 watt panels I purchased but they are still less efficient than standard fridge. Lots of heat leakage between the hot and cold sides since they are 3mm apart. The panels I have can freeze a liter of water in less than 15 minutes if everything is perfect. A 5 watt panel would be a bit  slower.
These have been around for years! 
Some idiot I know has one. Never uses i.t
guess it was only designed for a coke can! can it chill a super-sized MacDonald icecream or bottle of champagne!
YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CN'T BLIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is cool ..............ooooppps
Oh my god I got this exact version as a Xmas prezzy a few years ago!! Then I gave it away again as a secret Santa the next year haha. These are useless in Australia lol, waaaay too hot!!
waste of money, its just a gimmick.
All hail the guy who invented USB!
So can only fit a 330ml can would be better if it could fit 500ml can or better still a 660ml bottle 
Great Idea!  Will it also keep your Insulin cooled while you're traveling?
Cool I shud get 1
Just something to clutter the desktop? 
Had one of these style 'fridges' years ago. Hot climate = warm drink..... :(
More crap made in China. No wonder the world is in such a mess.
N put in ur choklets save,like bournville
This is cool but has been around for a few years. has been carrying it, and probably others as well.
Cool product , but truly a product thats not really needed. Wish that the same intellect, creativity, and engineering was used to solve problems that doesn't effect few but many.
Its only invention of humans great mind
its really cooool I wnna one at my office desk
Best invention ever.
I would have loved this as a secret Santa Prezzie for Christmas
I have one of these. It's OK at best. It will keep a drink cool. Don't expect it to cool a warm drink with any quickness, if at all.
Can't wait for the next invention, Can't wait until they come up with and invention that as soon as you open a drink, that would be serve hot or cold.
Will a beer fit in it though?
But why would you want to drink Coke in the first place?
Kris J
C'Mon it's been around for like 10 years
Ryan Ng
And this would help because...?
News flash: adding ice to a beverage keeps it cool for drinking.
saya masih bingung ini jual USB atau jual minuman rendah kalori.Kalau harga USB segitu sudah umum.
Is USB washing machine the next?.. what? already exists.. uhh
Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space beetles? Follow me and find out!
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