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                   The End of the World:

       Location : Nullarbor Cliffs, Australia.
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amazing . so woderfull my world
7th to comment ....amazing!
What's the name of the hotel where I can get this view?
⬆ ^^ should read this haha sorry about that
You guys who see this should add me! I'd love people to talk to!
we are very kind of human beings that we are also spare our day at home.
Our world seems to come to an ubrupt end, but beautiful non the less.
Can anyone take me in that place for free ..:P
I am so fucking amazed :P
Wow, pretty. I'd love to witness Australia first-hand. 
Tt La
how wounderful is this,.,.
I wanna go there and have babies
I vl love to die in my lovers arm
I vl love to die in my lovers arm
Can not wait :) hope comes fast 
your are wrong dude end of AUSTRALIAN LAND, beginning of ocean...
Wonder if they filmed a scene from
"The Gods Must be Crazy" there?
Be very careful This place is close to nowhere and a few days from water
This is where Narnia ends!?!??! NOOOOOO I WANT REPACHEAP BACK.
Do you know relocating jobs (from Us to India)?
WO.... False the earth is a sphere duh.
its the end of the world as we know it.
We know we really don't believe that theory but regardless, take life by the horns and enjoy the ride, peace, love and light :) 
Ernst of the would or end of Australia
That's a pretty big crack!
great picture, could anyone map it on google earth?
its the end of the world as we know it
and i feel fine.
its not gonna be the end of the world!!!
Only one knees when., should I tell you who. ?!
it is referred to as the end of the world because apart from Antarctica it is the most isolated spot in the world. and if you want to go there, its in the state of Western Australia. fly to Perth rent a car and buy lots of water, its a long drive and there is no water out there. good luck!
Anbu S
i vry like this
oh yeah forgot to mention. those cliffs go for about 2000miles
I grew in,the ocean as a mirman
this is an incredible "Landscape" design created by Father God to illustrate the Magnificence of God; given to Mother Earth to illustrate the Magnificence and love for Man so that we all can enjoy the Beauty of our Mother Earth
Unfortunately this God you speak of fail to endower you with any intelligence. How illustrative...
what a beautiful sight, wish to visit it someday
Yes the magnificence of geology, tis beautiful.
Jim A
Looks a lot like California in places.
its a nice veiw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
cool and nice looking
Is this a joke or has the rapture began? Where are the walking dead?
So amazing!... But where does it start??? 
This must be the worlds largest pan cake. How did they make this blue ice cream with vanilla edge?
very funny in your widest can this be. why were you born just yesterday
Wow i love that's very beautiful nature... Oh The world will be end but we never complete our lifes till paradise.
Oh "Spit!!" What the fluck
Oh god !where it is
End of idiocracy and those stuck to material bull$hit for control and leaving some in the world hungry dead and in turmOil while they assume they can hide in bunkers.
:|| •• •() :||
wow, the beauty of nature and the anxiety it gives can never be measured in any terms.
Get a fishing pole, some sun block, a water evaporator (solar), and a boat!

Float to the end?

You don't drop off! You slide on the edge "of another island!"
Are you sure Nullarbor Cliffs, Australia is the end of the world?How can you sure Nullarbor Cliffs is end of this world?Please reply me ans---?
Amazing how relatively uniform it appears to be. That's the unique thing about this coastline and others where there isn't anything close to this level of consistency.
La terre s'érode petit à petit c'est inéluctable
The Cliffs of Insanity!
Its so weird...people's comments get liked and they r just saying amazing. O.o
Should I grab my sandals?
Makes me remember the movie "Gods Must Be Crazy"
i wish the outer banks was like that!
Calm down people, it's just another photoshopped job. It's been making the rounds for years, way back since the MySpace, and Live Journal days.
it looks nice i wood want too go there for the day and just sit there and have a nice time there wit my family and friends
Makes me feel very small.
can you do paragliding there? How is the wind? Has anybody done it?
pretty cool location. Catering is a hassle?
If amazing was the word I intended to use, then this scene just set new standards for it !!!
Beautiful, stunningly so.  I'm touring Australia next year and look forward to exploring.
That is something beautiful !

ummmm thats the end of LAND. godd scientists these days.... :/
im so happy i live in australia
+Ben Cross I grew up there some and wish I could visit more often then have been able.  This place will be on my list for the next time I make the trip.
I wanna go there and dive off the edge. Not really, but it's still awesome.
jeis g
Yep, been there. Great place and damn windy.
Sure,but I am waiting to be there
I thought, world was round ;-)
the british were right!!! i knew they were smarter!!!
wow so the world's edges fall in Australia
!Ha Dios y sus maravillas magníficas!
@Laude Strydom haha funny??? 3rd grade joke.
This place is totally awesome!
been there... it's really really beautiful and cold =/
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