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Email: Mobile First Indexing Enabled on Your Site?

In this show, we explain:
- What Mobile First Indexing Enabled Means
- Why Google is Going Mobile First (and you should be too!)
- What Mobile First Means for Your SEO
- Mobile First Best Practice

Google Webmasters Post about Mobile First Indexing Rollout:
Mobile Pagespeed Insights to test your site's mobile performance:
28 Tools to Help get Your Site Mobile Ready:

#MobileFirst #SEO #SearchConsole
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Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

In this video, we explain;
- What Google Ads Parallel tracking is and why you need to update the configuration in your Google Ads account.
- The deadline for Parallel tracking to be enabled in your account (30 October 2018).
- How to configure Parallel Tracking in your Google Ads account
- What to do about Parallel Tracking if you're using tracking templates

Additional resources;
Google Help on Parallel Tracking:
About AdWords Conversion Tracking:
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What is a GTIN and Why Do I Need It for Google Shopping?

In this Show:
- The Google Merchant Centre Requirements for GTIN
- Do I Need a GTIN Code for My Products?
- What's the Difference Between EAN and GTIN?
- What's the Difference Between UPC and GTIN?
- How Do I Find the GTIN Number for My Product?

Resources mentioned in the show;
EAN Search to find European GTINs:
UPCZilla to find North American GTINs:

Google's Help on GTINs
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How to Research and Analyse Keywords for SEO

In this video, we explain how to analyse, organise and prioritise keywords from your research in to a strategic list that you can work through to establish which pages you should optimise your web pages for and those which you should consider writing articles, guides and blog content for.

The Process:
1. Research keywords and build a big list
2. Import that data in to a single spreadsheet
3. Organise keywords to common groups - a small list for a page on your site
4. Decide which keyword is the primary keyword and which are secondary for each page
5. Organise those pages in to Sales and Content. If you're not sure, check the Google results
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7 Awesome Keyword Research Tools for SEO

1. What SEO Keyword Research is and Why It's Important
2. Keyword Research Tools
- Google Suggestions
- Using the Google Ads Keyword Planner
- About The Google Traffic Estimator
- Yoast Google Suggest -
- Ubersuggest -
- YouTube -
- Google Search Console
- Sonar

#SEO #KeywordResearch #SEOTips
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How to Add HTTPS to Your Website (In Depth Checklist): T-Time With Tillison

T-Time Show Agenda
- How to add HTTPS to a Website
- What is HTTPS / SSL and why it's important
- Moving the Web to HTTPS
- SSL Certificate and Implementation
- HTTP to HTTPS 301 redirect
- Updating internal links
- Updating PPC ads to HTTPS
- Updating Search Console for HTTPS
- Updating Google Analytics for HTTPS
- Updating Social Profiles to HTTPS
- Updating External links to HTTPS

Useful resources;
301 redirect guide:
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