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Phillip Healey
Pants?! Where we're going we don't need pants!
Pants?! Where we're going we don't need pants!

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Feels good to compile my work over the last year and see it all together.  Enjoy ^_^

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The head of my Titan Guardian from Destiny

Base meshes built in 3DS Max and ported over to Mudbox.  The head and hair were then sculpted and painted in Mudbox.  Composited using After Effects to add in a background and the Icons.

~0.5 million Polygons for the Head
~1.0 million Polygons for the Hair
Plus a few extra for the eyes and plugs brings it to a total of 1.6 million Polygons

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Got my head model into mudbox and did a whole lot of sculpting.  I’m most happy about the ears!  Such a strange structure to model.  Main sculpting progress to go is making the hair better, then it’ll be time to paint!

Up to about 200,000 polys so far so not getting too crazy high detailed just yet

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The Festival of the Lost means paper masks of your greatest enemies and spoopy dancing! :P

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I can see in my eyes
That I’m living the lies
I divided my mind
From the things that make me real
My connection is gone from the world that is shown
I divided my mind from the things that make me feel
And now i think i am awake
To the world that’s on display
But I’m blinded by the hole that I’ve dug myself in to
And now i think i am alive and that i see reality
But the truth behind my mind are my insecurities

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There's a lot of WTF in here but this is probably my favourite/most terrifying as someone who wants to design games:

“Let’s say a designer wants to go in and move a resource node two inches,” said one person familiar with the engine. “They go into the editor. First they have to load their map overnight. It takes eight hours to input their map overnight. They get [into the office] in the morning. If their importer didn’t fail, they open the map. It takes about 20 minutes to open. They go in and they move that node two feet. And then they’d do a 15-20 minute compile. Just to do a half-second change.”

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So I've finally finished my 2D animation project for Tafe and I'm glad to have that insanely stressful project out of the way. 2D animation is not my thing frankly, and my hand hurts from drawing with a small graphics tablet, and I've learned that after this year I'll be extremely glad to hopefully never have to use the horrible program Toon Boom ever again.
I hope you enjoy. I'm at least kind of happy with the result, although there are issues with it that I'd fix if I didn't detest the idea of working on this more in such an extreme fashion.

Post has attachment Here's a thing I feel proud of and am capable of putting a lot of work into (Probably like 60-ish hours or something?  Maybe more LoL.  It's hard to keep track.)

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Dreaming Awake

Photo thanks to the wonderful Kinetic Tortoise Photography

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New comics, New socks, Tiny cold pressed coffees! Feat. free Batman comic :p The great lord Sol shines upon us and I'm feeling good ^_^
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