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I knew we had crazy waves happening here, but this is just nuts.

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Pretty kickin, Google.  Get your free compute time on GCE and go find some variants!

Playing Google Play Music from my +HTC One S...  There is a long delay between songs (5-6s) and I often see a "Music Playback Error" on the phone.  The party stops when the playlist does so this basically makes music playback a no-go for me.

Is this normal or do I have HTC to blame for killing background apps too aggressively?

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Am I doing something wrong?

I just filed a bug vs. PlayOnLinux on Launchpad. The machine I reported from is using Mint 15, but I have other machines that have the same bug.  It seems to me that the two respondents reacted pretty harshly at the mention of Mint.  I feel like I've touched on a sore spot or something.

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Genomics at work. Great story about the genetic arms race between host and pathogen.

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This is a pretty big deal. Our genes are no longer patentable, although tests based on synthetic copies of our DNA (cDNA) will still be upheld.  I'll be interested to see how testing facilities like +Counsyl respond to the ruling.  

Some more competition in the genetic testing arena?
Can I hear a hallelujah my brothers and sisters?


Common sense has prevailed even though it had to go all the way up to the supreme Court! 

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Just opted-in and thought I'd leave a very positive review on the Play Store.  Sadly, I get this message: "You cannot write reviews if you are using an Alpha or Beta version of this application."

I guess this makes sense.  And I guess I could opt-out, write the review, then opt back in, but that's just too much work :P

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A nice summary on the positive effect of marriage in society.  I especially liked this paragraph:

David Brooks of the New York Times goes further, explaining how maximizing personal freedom does not necessarily give people what they want. Rather, he argues, individuals are better served “when they are enshrouded in commitments that transcend personal choice — commitments to family, God, craft and country.”
One writer says "in the coming decades, success will accrue to those cultures that preserve the family’s place."

Read more in our commentary, "Homage to the Home: Why Society Needs Strong Families" #lds #mormon #family #christian

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Oldie but a goodie.  What happens when you resubmit year-old journal articles, only changing the names and institutions? They're shot to pieces for "serious methodological flaws".
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