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Having quite a few problems with both versions of Vysor

The Chrome extension version (first image) does not remember that navigation bar setting.
I disable it for the M8 (right) and M9 (centre) as it has these on the interface anyway.
When I do go back and turn them off again, they are the same size as the HTC 10 (left)

The application version (other images) has something weird going on with the interface that only begins to happen when it realises I have a registered version, the footer is completely misaligned. It also re-enabled the navigation bar each time it is started. It also often seems to forget the windows position reloading them in the centre of another screen. It also appears to start automatically sometimes despite the setting being cleared.

Also it still seems to set auto-rotate on despite it being disabled, I remember we talked about that previously and I think you were going to change the behaviour.

But, I still love this product very much!
Let me know if any of these are common knowledge or if you need a bug report from either application/extension -- still mainly using the extension.
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Is anyone finding that auto-rotate is turning on when they use Vysor?

I typically have it turned off but it seems to be getting enabled on all my devices.

I haven't yet confirmed its Vysor but I have left a device disconnected from my PC and it hasn't re-enabled itself on there yet but has the others.

Reproduced on 10,M9 and M8 - not 100% sure its Vysor but wanted to check!

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Firstly thanks for finding a way of continuing to let us use Vysor, signed up for a year, love it that much!

Noticed two bugs with todays release (not sure if the first existed previously.)

Firstly, it doesn't seem to handle some screens well. For example adding a mail account on a HTC M8,M9 or 10. As I hope the image shows.

Secondly, the back softkey doesn't appear to be working on the HTC 10, was prior to the update today.

Keep up the great work!

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Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these

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On a more positive note, here is the M9+ that I have been asked to share, but won't be sold in my country.

Also everyone is raving for it, but I have a feeling its even slower (definately graphgically) but isn't as ugly as I initially thought.

So I was asked by HTC to share a "spotted in the wild" and was down at my local EE store picking up a Power Bar.

Figured I would do it then but the only M9 they had was obscured by some Samsung device over the top of it (foreshadowing?) and instead of the usual tag saying the device specs it just had a "Ask for more information".

So yeah, I can't share anything. 
Perhaps I will see one down in the window of the local CEX as second hand soon enough.

Is there no longer an Allcast beta program? I was eager to try and check out the mirror function but its not in the release version

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I blogged.

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Added photos to #HTCMeetUp London.
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