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A Few Thoughts For The Day ...
Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory,
beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.
(George Bernard Shaw)

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My Writer's July Checkin featuring the new release and the chronological beginning of #Theelements #epic, a new series covering Viking Legends and Norse Mythology and more... for #writers and #readers.

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Latest from #elementamundi Apocalypse Past on

Tracing the origins of the Apocalypse

In religious contexts, an apocalypse is a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”. Part of the development of a new book project, this article retraces some of the origins of the Apocalypse, going back in time to the deeds of Sargon, the fate of the Sumerians, collapse and the onset of a forgotten Dark Age as precursors for later tales we know from Exodus.

#apocalypse #origins #ancientorigins

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"The Last Crusader Kingdom" has gone to the printer! Paperback copies will be available for sale on amazon and Barnes & Noble in about one week. (eBooks are being formatted and will take a little longer). Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, here's an excerpt from Chapter 1.

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Pauline, Gemini Sisters, Book 1

#ScienceFiction #Anthropomorphic #Genetic_Modification #CyberPunk

Escape, part 1

“Look honeysuckle, I’m sorry. But I can’t find anyone.” She felt his paws touch her lower back as she peeked out of the closed drapes of the front window. She turned and looked up at him. His yellow eyes regarded her with interest. “Besides, it is daylight now, you can’t go out without being seen.”

She pushed him away from her in frustration and marched towards his kitchen. He followed and watched her help herself to some of his coffee. She poured creamer into it and took a sip. He watched her shoulders visibly relax a little. She turned and asked, “Then when?”

“Alice Carrell said, she’s in Oak City today, but that she should be back sometime this afternoon.

“Who’s Alice again?”

She watched his eyes roll as he answered, “The cab driver.”

She repeated, “The cab driver?”

Now his frustration started to show. “She works for your mother like I used to but as a special curier.”

“Don’t you mean smuggler?”

He snapped back, “Whatever.” Then softer. “Look, I’m doing the best that I can. Why don’t you just call your dad, and asked for his help? He’s got enough power at his disposal to stop a mag-train if he wanted. He is, after all, married to your mother, the Governor.”

She turned away from him and shook her head. “The institute is being watched, and I’m most likely tapped. Besides, they have other matters to attend to. Did you see the latest on the news about the aliens at Heaven’s Gate?”

“Of course I did. Your mother is there now.”

The girl turned and faced the Otokononeko. She pulled the little vial out and showed it to him. “Mother was right about the Neo-technics. They are planning something. It’s big Julian.”

“What is that that you have there?”

She rolled the vial between two fingers and looked at the semi-metallic liquid inside. “Very dangerous nanites.”

“What do they do?”

“I’m not entirely sure. But the Neos have been stockpiling it.”

“Then don’t you think you should bring this to your dad’s attention?”

“Yes, of course. But how do I get close enough to get it to him? If they have figured out who I really am, which I think they have, then they’ll have the place completely surrounded, and I would never make it to the door.”

“Contact him in VS.”

“I said, I have been compromised.” She pointed to the tectat on the side of her face.

“Yeah, it’s not very fetching. Why not just remove it?”

She regarded him for a long moment before she answered, “It’s connected to my Wetwire. I don’t know what will happen if I try to remove it. But I may have to before everything is all said and done.”

He stated the obvious. “Another good reason to go see your father.”

“Would you just drop that line of thought for the moment.” She turned back to the coffee cup and drank half of it down. She turned and looked at Julian. “I know someone who the Neos won’t be watching or know anything about. But she lives about halfway to Orange.”

“That would be Fresno. It was just on the news the other week too. Some Otokononeko kids discovered a trafficking operation.”

“Yes, Mother flew down there to take charge of the situation.”

Julian commented, “The news said that the traffickers were transforming their victims into some kind of brutal wolf hybrids or something. Full gene modification is a pretty highly technological leap for a bunch of thugs.” He pointed to the vial she held. “Could that, and the incident in Fresno be related?”

She held up the sealed glass tube and examined it. She speculated aloud, “If this little volume of nanites can transform a person’s whole body into a genetically different being, then ya, I guess so.” She watched the Otokononeko back up a few steps away from her. “Julian, it is in a shatter-proof container. It takes a special gun to extract the bugs.”

“Says you.” He continued to eye the vial. “How did you manage to get a hold of it?”

“Sort of fell into my hands. I would have gotten away clean if they hadn’t noticed it gone before I was out of the building. I was so close to the front entrance when the alarms went off.” He could see a veil of fear shadowing her eyes, and her scent took on a slight tang to it. She continued, “They locked the place down, and I was trapped inside. They were searching everyone. Whatever this vial is exactly, it is very important to them.”

He asked, “How did you get out?”

Her scent grew stronger with fear. “I… I jumped out of a third-story window.”

All rights reserved 2017 John J. Sanders

Want to beta read this and other works in progress? Email me at if you would like a beta copy.

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The Square Peg -Ain’t it Grand?
The Square Peg -Ain’t it Grand? © S. Bradley Stoner   I’m
going to be honest with you . I avoid grand openings like the plague.
Why? Because they’re a complete madhouse and shoppers get just a little bit
crazy. You might even say the cheese slid off their c...

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The Square Peg -Ain’t It Just Grand?
The Square Peg - Ain’t It
Just Grand ? © S. Bradley Stoner Yeah, I know, I’ve
been gone a while. So, sue me. I was on an adventure. Actually, it’s
kind of our annual adventure. Yep… road trip! Heck, going on a road trip in our
family is always an adventure....

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In the hope of generating some reviews, and since it's my birthday, I'm offering my short stories for free, the novella at $.99, and the novel on countdown starting Thursday. Please check them out and let me know what you think. Thanks, and have a Happy 4th of July!


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I've put together a collection of my short stories, several published elsewhere and a few available only here, as a "thank you" gift for people who sign up for email list.

In this collection, you'll find:
- A boy on a strange mission
- A father who wishes he was anywhere else
- A wizard's apprentice with a lousy job to do
- And quite a lot more

All for free (unless you count giving up your email address).

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My Review of A Gathering of Rebels, Vol. 2

Strap in, it’s going to be a wild ride!

The saga continues, delving deeper into the conspiracy in the second volume. Be prepared to be spellbound, and just try to read it in a leisurely manner. You can’t. This story has more twists than a good hemp rope. It is filled with deceit and conflict, yet honor still abides, family ties still prevail. You simply cannot read Volume One without grabbing Volume Two. My only complaint is that the story ended and left me wondering what happens next… and anxiously awaiting the sequel that begs to be written.
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