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Just think--its mental midgets just like this who will be running healthcare. 
How hard it is not to say the "n" word.
That's funny this guy steals people stuff that is traveling, some of the lows scum on earth and Richard call the man for what he is and then you come in here and call him ignorant??  WOW!!  What a fucking retard you are!  Hopefully the next time you travel some scum bag like this steals all your shit.  But let me guess you will refer to him as a nice guy huh?
Perhaps he'll be put in a "program" to deal w/ his "disease". Perhaps that will bring a disability check. I can never remember the "everyone else does it" whine working w/ my Mom. Still, let's be positive - find a ray of light here: While these folks are busy stealing, they're too busy to assault children, disabled grannies or nuns. See, there is some good
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