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Howard Willens
Attorney, Author, and Historian
Attorney, Author, and Historian

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Should regions of a country be allowed to vote for their own independence?

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Last week, an armed man jumped the White House fence, ran across the lawn unstopped, entered an UNLOCKED & UNGUARDED door and nearly made it to Presidential quarters before being stopped.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson MUST be fired for this, and other failures. Do you agree?

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" 'Yeah, I just interviewed the Dalai Lama in Tibet, then I took a couple of days and went kayaking with a friend,' JFK Jr. answered as frankly as he always did."

Do you think it would be difficult growing up in such a famous family?

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Who else saw #Jeter smash in the game-winning run in his final home game?

Attorney General Eric Holder, Prominent Liberal Voice in Obama Administration, Is Resigning

What do you make of this shake-up?

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You may know that JFK faced his most harrowing war moment when his PT-109 torpedo boat was destroyed by Japanese forces during WWII (FMI:

Now, letters that Kennedy wrote about a fallen crew-member have sold at auction for $200k!

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Obama, After Airstrikes in Syria, Says U.S. Will ‘Take the Fight’ to ISIS

Do you agree with this aggressive strategy? Why or why not?

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Kerry: New York climate summit to set agenda

In the current (political) climate, how much progress is realistic?

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Scotland opts to stay part of United Kingdom.

How do you feel about the Scots rejecting independence from Britain?

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Today, residents of Scotland vote to determine whether they'll declare independence from the United Kingdom

Should they pursue independence or should an already small nation like the UK not divide against itself?
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