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eniola olatunde
I am foodie who believes in all round healthy living
I am foodie who believes in all round healthy living


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Body Odour which is medically known as bromhidrosis is the strong often times unpleasant odour given off by the sufferer when they sweat. It is a condition that has a significant impact on the social lives of people that suffer from it. It can cause a lot of embarrassment alongside with psychological and emotional pain.

Sweat in itself is odourless; it is the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odour by breaking sweat into acids. There are a lot of factors that can affect the intensity of body Odour; factors like Food, drink and disease can affect body odour. It mostly occurs in the armpit, groin and genitals.

Practise good personal hygiene. Care should be taken to take a bath/shower regularly and wash clothing once worn. Meticulous and proper cleaning up of the anus area after passing poo should also be practiced. We need to help the young teenagers in our lives form good hygiene habits early enough.


Eliminate or seriously reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is an addictive stimulant which speeds the heart rate and stimulates the central nervous syatem thereby causing you to sweat more. If you have an offensive body odour you should try and eliminate any food or drink that will make you sweat more.

Ensure that you go for a medical check up if your body odour suddely changes in smell or intensity. This is to rule out the possibility of an underlying disease- for example if you suddenly start giving off a fruity smell; it might be as a result of poor blood sugar management – Ketoacidosis

Eliminate strong smelling spices like garlic and curry which can make your sweat smell more…..

Watch your diet. Researchers have been able to establish in a controlled study, that, non red meat eaters had a more pleasant and less intense odour than red meat eaters (just imagine that!) ; all you ‘carnivores’ beware! wink  So, pay attention to the odour you give off after eating certain foods and adjust accordingly.

Find a way to manage excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis; wear clean breathable clothing where possible and use antiperspirant or deodorants regularly. They both work in different ways-

Anti perspirants work by blocking our sweat glands ( which I personally find scary because I believe our bodies were built to get rid of sweat for a reason) . Most anti perspirants contain metallic salts especially aluminium. Aluminium gel plugs and prevents sweat from coming out onto the surface of the skin until the anti perspirant wears off.

Deodorants  on the other hand work by killing underarm bacteria thereby eliminating the very things that cause the body odour. If these measures still don’t work for you, chances are that you need to see a doctor for more treatment options.

Understand the effects of hormones at puberty for youngsters. Hormones at work at the onset of puberty cause increased sweating on the underarms and groin region. Measures have to be taken when children reach puberty to control the effects – Introduce the use of deodorants to them and enforce / supervise strict formation of personal hyiene habits.

Being in a state of anxiety and worry is not only bad for our overall health; but, it can can aggravate the offensive body odour you give off. Anxiety / worry / stress / extreme nervousness cause a spike in the release of adrenaline and cortisol hormones into the blood stream.This in turn increases the heart rate and induces sweating especially under the armpit and pubic area……stress Then, of course the bacteria on the surface of the skin get to feast on it and create the offensive odour. Scientists have been able to establish ( through extensive research on the components of the sweat given of during stress ) that sweat from stress gives off the foulest stench.  Systematically get rid off all the stress factors in your life…….

Ponder on this…………”It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized.“…….Wayne Dyer

You can rise above and overcome body odour if you get enough information about it and are able to take the measure highlighted above; for people suffering from a severe case of body odour and excessive sweating, a medical intervention might be your only source of respite.

                                      HOW EASY IS IT TO REMEDY BODY ODOUR?—only answer this question if you have been able to overcome it. Kindly share your experience with BO on this forum.

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Let's care for our kidneys as a failure of these organs can be fatal.

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See the reasons why you should keep eating mushrooms

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Get the reasons you should keep eating tomatoes

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Flaked Mackerel Relish..

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Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants ( which is a substance that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism ) and are equally delicious whether cooked or raw. It is a very good source of vitamins C and E, Folate, Potassium, lycopene and beta Carotene. Tomato is technically a fruit; though it is generally referred to as a vegetable and there are at least 10,000 varities of this healthy fruit.

Tomato is an excellent source of lyopene which is a Carotenoid pigment and phytochemical that may help protect against prostrate cancers. Lycopene is a naturally occuring substance that give fruits and vegetables a red colour. It can also be found in Watermelon, Pink Grapefruits, Papayas and Pink Guava. Lycopene is known to slow down human cell damage caused by ageing and disease. The best way to get a healthy dose of lycopene is through tomatoes when they are processed; cooking tomatoes releases a whole lot more lycopene to be absrbed by the body. Lycopene is fat soluble so the oil is said to aid absorption.

When choosing your tomatoe; know that the redder the better as the redder ones have up to 50% more lycopene than the paler varities and Vine ripened ones also have more lycopene than those that were harvested early and allowed to ripen off the vine. According to research studies there is a higher concentration of lycopene in tomatoe paste that uses the whole fruit including the skin unlike thoes that remove the skin. SO KEEP THE SKIN ON when using tomatoes in recipes.

The seeds of tomatoes are also healthy as they have a substantial amount of digestible amino acids (which is used by the body to grow, repair body tissues and perform many other functions- in short they are regarded as the building blocks of life).

The jelly like substance around the seeds has the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the tomato fruit. This jelly like substance is actually high in Salicylates which studies have shown to have an anti clotting effect on the blood. Salicylates are naturally occuring chemicals in certain plants and are also an ingredient in Aspirin and other pain relieving medication. This anti clotting effect on the blood may be partially responsible for tomato's reputed protection against heart disease.

The discovery of the effectiveness was made by Professor Asim Dutta-Roy when he was extensively researching into the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. This led to the gel being patented as Fruitflow. Research has shown that a smoother blood flow is noticed within 3 hours of consuming this product with the effect lasting up to 18 hours.


                               WAYS TO ENJOY TOMATOES

Toss it into salads
Add it to Sandwiches
Use tomato paste in Jollof rice recipe
Use both chopped tomatoes, passata and tomatoe paste in this Flaked mackerel sauce. Here
Snack on it; especially the cherry varieties
Juice it
Look for recipes that call for tomatoes and delibrately inculcate it into your diet
All in all, enjoy this healthy fruit the way you prefer to and consciously make it a regular part of your diet.

Anybody else know any other way to enjoy Tomatoes? Feel free to share with us and lets Explooorreee!

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In recent years, the spotlight has been on coconut oil as a super food. There are testimonials being circulated that coconut oil has the ability to treat and sometimes reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s ; there is a study currently going on at the University of South FloridaByrd Alzheimer’s institute to measure the effects of coconut oil on the disease.


Researchers have been able to establish in recent years that the saturated fats in coconut oil are quite harmless. These fats are medium chain triglycerides ( MCT ) which are metabolyzed differently. According to Wkipaedia, some studies have shown that MCTs can aid weight loss by aiding fat oxidation thereby reducing food intake.

Population ( like the Tokelauans ) known to eat a lot of coconut and its bye products live very long and cardiovascular disease free lives as there is no evidence of an harmful effect of high saturated fats in take in these populations

Coconut oil is quite easy to digest and the MCT are known to increase metabolism and thus have the potential to increase the energy you expend by as much as 5% over a 24 hour period. This can really add up in the long term.

When used in moderation as part of a healthy weight loss diet it can help tour progress significantly. Besides, this oil is very stable and in its natural state it has a shelf life of 3-5 years at room Temperature.

Coconut oil is quite versatile; it can be used in cooking, baking and also as your beauty products. It is excellent for use on children and babies as it purely natural, smells divine hmmmnnn; having anti fungal , anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties thus making a very good replacement for chemically laden baby creams. It is good for use as diaper cream and as hair cream- to help heal cradle cap and dadruff too.

Store bought ones can be quite expensive, so if you are in the tropics or have access to buy a lot of coconut why don’t you make your own.

Its quite easy…………………………………………………………………..


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Mushrooms have a myriad of health benefits and should be a constant part of a healthy diet and eating plan. They are generally classified as fungi. Fungus plants cannot obtain energy for photosynthesis; instead they reproduce by spores in the dark. These primitive plants have been eaten as food and used as medicine since ancient times. Evidence of this was provided by 5000 year old Oetzi the Iceman whose well preserved body was found in the Tyrolean Alps; he had in his possession two different species of dried mushrooms.
These days, mushrooms are now commercially cultivated and have been recognized as an excellent low calorie food ( a 100g contains only about 13 kcal) that can easily be used to replace meat in a meal. They are rich in hunger satieting fibre and are virtually fat free. Mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins like riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid and also essential minerals, selenium,phosphorus and potassium- which can help lower blood pressure.
Mushrooms have been a staple of many Asian diets for a very long time and thus extensive studies have been carried out by Japanese scientists in investigating the health benefits of consuming them. These studies have shown that some of these mushroom species may help the immune system with potential benefits in fighting cancer and infection; this may be as a result of its high contents of glutamic acid ( an amino acid that has been identified to be instrumental in fighting off infections). Shiitake mushroom for example, contain eritadenine which promotes cholesterol excretion thereby helping to lower cholesterol; it also contain lentinan a phytochemical that may help stimulate the immune system.
For the health benefits of these fungi plants, shouldn't we regularly consume them? Care should however be taken to eat only mushrooms you are sure about as eating wild mushrooms can lead to a severe case of poisoning or even death.Many common species of wild mushrooms produce toxins that can quickly become lethal when eaten raw or cooked hence extreme caution should be practiced when choosing wild mushrooms as the poisonous ones cannot easily be told apart from the edible ones; be sure to let only a mushroom expert certify them edible for you.
You can also prepare dried mushrooms; just note that they are more concentrated in flavor and nutrients that their fresh counterparts. Fresh mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked and is an excellent replacement for high calorie foods in your meals. In doing this, you will increase your fibre intake and reap all the benefits inherent in consuming them.
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