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Traveled to the Tibet
                              The Heaven of China      In 2008, I went to Tibet with my mother, father, and my father's two friends. My father was our driver, and we started from Xi'an city Shannxi Province, driving to  Lhasa,Tibet.                   The di...

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My Personal Artifact
                            My Personal Artifact    I think for many people, there are must have a special artifact really meaningful to them. For example, it could be a bracelet which you mother gave to you as a present; it could be a letter that your frie...

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Flora_Fan_ Cold War of America and Red Scare
In my perspective, the purpose that the writer Joseph Finney wrote this novel which named “Invasion of Body
Snatchers” was against the communist threat. Also, I think this film was satire
of red scare which was caused by McCarthy.     During the 1950s, the ...

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Fan_yao_ Who is responsible for starting the Cold War?
Who is responsible for starting the Cold War? Who started the Cold
War? For The U.S. and the Soviet Union they all had responsibility. However, in
my opinion, the U.S. is more responsible for starting the Cold War. During the WWII, the
U.S. and...

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Fan_Yao_My Beliefs
                                                                                                       My  Beliefs My belief is always to be a good person,and doing right things. when i was young, my parent always tell me to be a good person. It's means i n...

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Hello,I'm Yao Fan. You also can call me Flora,this is my American name.I am from Xi'an city,China. This is my second year to study in this school.I am a friendly person but also very shy. I like listening music,watching movies,and reading books (Not English...
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