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Why am I here? I have no idea.
Why am I here? I have no idea.

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The World Outside My Window - Fly in space with this time lapse video of Earth from the space station: The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS (4K) #ISS  

Why does the Google Homepage and Google+ page no longer have the links bar at top so I can quickly jump to Gmail or YouTube? #stupid #notuserfriendly  

Just finished reading +John Scalzi 's "Redshirts". Literally. As in 30 seconds ago. I should really go to bed now. I'm so glad I heard about this book from +Wil Wheaton ; it was a great read. The 3rd Coda even made me tear up, since I'm a sentimental old fool.

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Guys! Guys! Guys! (and Goils too!) This is Hill-Larry-Us! (4:15)
New series premiere on +Geek & Sundry : Written by a Kid!  12 episodes starting this Wed!  Episode 1 features a pretty epic cameo :D

Please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to the channel if you haven't already, it's one click that helps us a lot.  Hope you laugh!!!

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Happy Independence Day, America! Let's rock out...
Oh yeah, here's the video with #pridepants

Watched last night's Eureka episode, "Mirror Mirror", this afternoon. It featured the ever awesome +Felicia Day , but I can't say I like the direction they've sent her character in. This episode had what seemed to me to be a highly implausible scenario, and with only 2 episodes left before the Series Finale it will be interesting to see how they wrap this up.

Considering Holly was dead and brought back through two highly incredible and seemingly unthinkable methods (thanks Zane & Henry!) the odds of this week's event happening seems highly unlikely. (the computer said the message was FOR Holly, so it wasn't random that she got hit with it) Besides, unless I am completely unclear on what "bio-printing" is, Holly is neither a robot nor android, so the "reprogramming" thing should not have worked on her. (Andy, however, is a different story)

Only 2 episodes left before Eureka is gone forever. :'( I hope this all ends well. "Help us, Sheriff Carter; you're our only hope!" :)
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