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A good article, from The Huffington Post about #RSD   / #CRPS   which is the Nerve Disease that I have.

While it glosses over some details [understandably] it is fairly accurate and worth reading.

While RSD/CRPS was first identified as something towards the end of the 1860's very little is known about it or how to best treat it [no known cure BUT some respond well to various treatments and a few report "remission" of the symptoms]

Part of the problem is lack of awareness. That is probably related to this being an "invisible" disease ... meaning the symptoms are more on the inside than the outside [nerves vs skin BUT many who have it do have visible signs, we just learn to hide them ... ask my best friends or sister. When my hands flare, i hide them in loose gloves or loose pockets or behind my back ... my socks are rarely off so as to hide my feets typical purple hue and swelling.]

Some are trying to raise awareness, like Color The World Orange Day and #NERVEmber   , groups like +International Pain Foundation (iPain) of American RSD Hope, on twitter people like @joeygiggles among others do a lot too!

Locally, my best friend +R-mon Sanchez and sister +Lysi Kinyon help spearhead NERVEmber activites for our local youth foundation we help run [ +Chewelah Youth and Community Foundation of which I am a co-founder and executive chairman, R-mon is President, Lysi is Social Media Director]

Help raise awareness? Share this article? Have questions? Ask me ... I will answer honestly [if I am to embarrassed I will answer privately]

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Jason M
There are some groups here on gplus. Next time i load my laptop, ill send you an invite to some of the communitys
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lmfao...for those who don't know, the "=0" denotes a false/off/not true state ie...alternative truth=0 means no alternative truth allowed lol
Eliminate negativity in your code with this one weird trick.
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h/t +scarlet red
Because the Obama's have class! They're polite, loving and kind! 
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## update: More bills rolling in. $14,000 for one scan set, another $3,250 for another scan. On top of the thousa ds I already owe. I am desperate, I had to move, have the medical expenses and meds...please share this far and wide and if you can, help would be greatly appreciated! ##

I am asking once again for help. I have a goFundMe set up, to help me with medical costs. my dr bills keep piling up, and before long I will have more bills thanks to the forthcoming cancer tests. I am getting desperate!

I live on $707/month, with the bulk going towards meds and medical related expenses. That leaves virtually no "discretionary" funds, no surplus, no savings. No way to pay the back medical bills.

I need help. I do not wish to have to declare bankruptcy but I am almost out of ideas/options. So I am asking for help, to cover some back medical bills. [notice I'm only asking for part of whats back due, I don't want to sound greedy so I asked only for a little portion]. I am also about to enter the "coverage gap" for my prescription insurance which will skyrocket one of my meds to roughly $450/bottle [a month] which I can not afford [so I will have to risk rationing starting now]

The goFundMe link/info:
I'm raising money for Medical Bills piling up, HELP?!. Click to Donate: … via @gofundme#RSD #CRPS #Charity

Please share this and thank you for even looking, sharing, donating etc. whatever you do to help spread the word or help meet [or surpass] the goal!
I have a nerve disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy [RSD] aka Complex Regional Pain Synrome [CRPS]. That brings with it a lot of other medical issues. Sadly, I can't work [never thought I'd miss working, but I honestly do]. Thankfully though, I am on Social Security Disalbility. More recently,...
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NGC 604

Read full story and view larger image:
A new study unveils NGC 604, the largest region of star formation in the nearby galaxy M33, in its first deep, high-resolution view in X-rays. This composite image from Chandra X-ray Observatory data (colored blue), combined ...
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+Google​ This is great and all, but when are you going to fix the +Project Fi​ integration? In particular, the ability to see ALL of my SMS & MMS that are sent from my Nexus 6p on my other devices?
Google Voice is getting a fresh design and new features, across Android, iOS and the web.
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I honestly don't do much on G+ these days
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No Winds in NGC 4861

In this image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, you can see NGC 4861 (LEDA 44536). Astronomers are still debating on how to classify this galaxy, its physical properties make it a barred spiral galaxy (, but its features make it look more like a dwarf irregular galaxy ( It is located in the constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs,, about 23 million light-years away from Earth.

Smaller galaxies like NGC 4861 with ongoing star formation ( are usually a good target to study galactic winds, outflows of speedy charged particles produced during star formation, however, no galactic winds have been found in recent studies of the galaxy.

NGC 4861 was discovered on May 1st, 1785, by the English astronomer William Herschel (

More information here:

More on the morphological classification of galaxies:

Diffraction spikes

In the image you can see a star with very pronounced spikes in the form of a cross. These spikes are called diffraction spikes and are caused by the struts that support Hubble's secondary mirror ( The light is being diffracted around those support struts, generating the cross-formed spikes. They are only visible around point sources where a lot of light is concentrated in one small spot. Read more on it here:

Image credit: NGC 4861 ESA/Hubble & NASA CC BY 4.0

Thank you for your interest in this Astronomy/Astrophysics collection. Maybe add me on Google+ (+Pierre Markuse) and Twitter ( or have a look at the Space/Space Technology collection here:

#science #astronomy #ngc4861 #leda44536 #spiralgalaxy #dwarfgalaxy #irregulargalaxy #hubble #hst #space #starformaton #galacticwinds
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Admit it, it's also more peaceful when it's just you...
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Jason M

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+Lysi Kinyon​
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I like hangin' out with my friends (and most my family lol) , playin' on my laptop, piano [when my hands permit, I also write my own music], ham radio [*KE7TDY* check my QRZ for where to find me on air you can also look me up on *EchoLink,  KE7TDY*]  or ps3 [again when my hands permit]. Also I love animals (except cats lol but I love my cat, and pretty much ONLY my cat lol) and we have a lot of pets! Anything else you wanna know, just email me or im me and I'll tell ya. I may even give you my actual cell number, and yes I do have international texting and some international voice minutes every month but I prefer using Telegram [ ] or WhatsApp for int'l. [Private Msg me for my info]...last but not least, I also am a Linux fan and user! I use Ubuntu, Kali and on occasion Fedora.

Hope to get to know ya and become friends! [feel free to IM me when I'm on line.

BTW, I also  play #Ingress for Team Resistance ! find me as agent ubuntuj

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