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All Things Green
Celebrating the color Green in all it glory!
Celebrating the color Green in all it glory!


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Thank you +Siri Sieber!
Here a plant whose name I don´t know, but hopefully nice enough for #SOOCSunday and #allthingsgreen with the kind curators Cicely Robin Laing, Jen Baptist and John Kosmopoulos

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Thank you everyone for sharing all the amazing, beautiful & green images!

It's been a crazy busy week, and I know I am behind on seeing all the +All Things Green posts, but I promise I will dig through the stream looking for them. I may not be able to comment on every one, but I will +1 so you know I've seen it. I hate missing any, but it is bound to happen because there are so many! Thank you for making this such a wonderful theme! :)

Your curator, +Cicely Robin Laing
Water Ginko...

..... primeval sunlight captured in an ageless expression of life...
.... What is such glorious timeless beauty doing on my sidewalk...?
For +Leaf On Thursdays curated by +Marilou Aballe +Margaret Tompkins & +Ray Bilcliff .....
And for +All Things Green :)

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Beautiful green.... I love bubbles!!!

Thank you +Melanie Kintz!
Green Bubbles II

Last week I posted the first image called "Green Bubbles" ( I had shot it, processed it and posted it when I wondered if I could get even closer to the bubbles. So I went back to my little "home studio" stacked two close-up filters onto my macro lens, refreshed the water, added some dish washing detergent to it and some green oil and went on shooting again. And these two beauties stared back at me. A friend of mine, who saw a different version of this shot elsewhere said: "Is it weird when I think it looks kinda cute? Like two bubbles kissing under the blanket :)" I think this is quite spot on. I love the idea.

For my #ProjectGreen and +All Things Green by +Cicely Robin Laing

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The new growth colors... they are my favorite greens!

Thank you +Stephen Thackeray!
My last submission for a short while and one for +All Things Green curated by +Cicely Robin Laing

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So lovely! :)

Thank you +Jon Cassill!
sharing some filtered light
+Bokeh Tuesday #bokehtuesday
curated by +Bob Baxley

+Grass Tuesday #grasstuesday
with curators +Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe and +Margaret Tompkins
and in muted tones for
+All Things Green #allthingsgreen
Curator: +Cicely Robin Laing

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Lovely... soft... joyful!

Thank you +Dru Stefan Stone!

(Please comment on her original post, thanks!)
Whatever we surround ourselves with we can then in turn radiate it back out to others. Love. Go ahead. It makes everything good. Choosing the positive side of life in love and joy and peace allows it to become a cycle of all that is good.

For me the contrasting colors and radiating lines in this is what appealed to my artistic side. #allthingsgreen with the lovely +Cicely Robin Laing for +All Things Green

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Spring time brings soft fragile beauty!

Thank you +Melanie Kintz!
Project Green: Wood Anemone

Spring is a beautiful season in the park. A lot of fresh green appears and is hit by the beautiful sunlight that makes it glow. And then there are a lot of flowers that appear. The year starts with snowdrops, followed by the Spring snowflakes - and then by the lovely wood anemones. Just a few weeks ago I spent an hour in the park capturing some of those. Definitely a subject I plan to return to next year again.

for my #projectgreen and +All Things Green by +Cicely Robin Laing

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Thank you +Susana Segat!
Happy Earth Day!

There have been some beautiful and inspiring #earthday contributions today.

It's a great day to appreciate nature and I hope that the earth will continue to nurture us for many generations to come.

#allthingsgreen +Cicely Robin Laing

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Earth's Bounty!

Thank you +Celso Carvalho!
Bowing to the Sun - Algarve(Portugal)

#GrassPoker by +Jules Falk Hunter, +Martin OBER, +Steven Sherwin and +David Murphy
#ZenSunday by +Charlotte Therese Björnström, +Simon Kitcher and +Nathan Wirth
#NatureMonday by +Rolf Hicker and +Jen Baptist
#NatureArtThursday by +Trisha Standard and +Dane Clingan
#AllThingsGreen by +Cicely Robin Laing
#BreakfastClub #BreakfastArtClub #StreamCatcher +PixelWorld

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Here looking at you.... bug!

Thank you +John Nandor!
I Saw You All Along

My contribution to #wildlifewednesday by +Mike Spinak
#allthingsgreen by +Cicely Robin Laing
#natureartthursday by +Trisha Standard
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