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Roland Henning
Magician who speaks German.
Magician who speaks German.

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Hey there, long time no see
Man it was good to not care about the magic community for a while. I feel much much better. For the last few months I have been concentrating on a lot of new projects. My theater is running well. I lost 36 kilograms, I created yet another 90 minute close u...

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Blackpool where magic and stupidity meets
So Saturday night, and a former marine soldier and boyfriend of a magician thought it was a good idea to to climb the roof of the main Winter Gardens cafe. He did survive, he fractured his pelvis and broke his wrist. At least to my knowledge. At least somet...

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There may have been a huge lack of posts for one year. And I'm afraid will be like this. Truth be told: I was and am too fed up with the magic community. I decided to stay away. And it turns out it has been way better on my mental health, but even better on...

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WMF Steve Gaudet
Go to 15:25 to see Keith Barry's version of the spike trick. Alright, now that you've see the trick, watch this: A copycat! His name: The Amazing Raven, a performer who's real name is Stephen Robert John Gaudet . He's a tour manager of a hypnotist called Re...

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Has the Shwood lost his focus?
Short answer: It seems so! Long answer: Brian Brushwood has long been of a thorn in magic. His heart may be in the right place, but his actions are not helping to get that message across. I'm talking about his long running YouTube series Scam School. The pr...

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Connecting the tissue! Part 4 of 6
This is a continuation of this Have a rewarding running trick! Similar to a running gag in a comedy show a running trick is a trick is about repetition. There are two main ways of doing it. The first one is to attempt a certain trick over and over again, bu...

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Connecting the tissue! Part 3 of 6
This is a continuation of yesterdays post, It all starts here . Use the same props over again! A really simple way to make your string of tricks feel connected is to reuse your props. As simple as this maybe I've seen magicians putting away the cards, getti...

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Connecting the Tissue! Part 2 of 6
This is a continuation of yesterdays post, either below this one or  here . Foreshadow the end! The ending is what people will remember most in a show. So the ending needs to be special. Aside from being the strongest trick you do it needs to feel like a re...

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Connecting the tissue! Part 1 of 6
When you create a show, the least you can do is to string your tricks together, one following the next. The tricks get stronger and stronger and the strongest one is the one you end your show with. It's a no fail scenario base on the dramatic device of rais...
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