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* Finding could overturn laws of physics * Scientists confident measurements correct (Adds background and quotes) By Robert Evans GENEVA, Sept 22 (Reuters) - An international team ofscientists
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I just think the media is blowing this way out of proportion before all the facts are in. Happened a couple months ago with NASA scientists and the media spun it saying that it disproves global warming, which turned out to be completely BS. Until all of my boys Phil Plait, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku or Brian Cox say otherwise, I'm going to lean towards no.

Edit: Changed NASA from CERN.
Media blowing things out of proportion?
Yeah right.
Next you'll be telling me that everything on the internet isn't true.

The fact that the significance was ever so slight made me doubt its certainty to begin with; too much potential for error.
And the fact that I dig the theory of relativity.

But from your article, "I'll note these are actual particle physicists making this claim, and not some crackpots who will shake their fists at the sky and say how Galileo was laughed at too."

There's an agenda behind global warming conspiracy theories; there's just a bunch of trekkies concerned about time travel.
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