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I talk politics. A lot.
I talk politics. A lot.


I dislike Republicans and Democrats equally, but it takes a special kind of stupid to think that Republicans are the party of old white men when the elephant party has 2 hispanics, an african american, a woman, all of which skew young and the democratic field is pretty much old white men and old Hillary. Coming out as a black conservative is a bit like coming out as a gay man in the bible belt in the 1950s. But hey, if you don't assume that minorities lack the autonomy of thought that white folks have, you are a racist!!! Freaking crazy how that works. That word has too much power. That being said, lets all hope for a 3rd party win in 2016. Because black, white, indian, asian, male, female, the R's and D's are all batshit crazy.

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I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm pro-choice (up to the moment of viability), but Bill Nye does a horrible, horrible job of making an argument here. First of all, his opening argument is absurd. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, then no human interaction is required to end the life. Asking who you imprison in that case is like asking who you charge with murder when someone dies of old age. Second, he works on the false assumption that everyone opposes abortion based on religious reasons. That is simply false. It's really pretentious of him to sit there and say that pro-life people "don't understand" when he has such lack of empathy regarding their arguments. Making no attempts to understand where the other side is coming from and then chastising them for the same thing is so very liberal of him though, I'll give him that. One point for being a good little liberal. Zero points for making a compelling argument.

John McAfee is running for president? The man who created the single most tyrannical piece of software ever released unto the public? The man who thinks his whims are more important than the wishes of the owner of the computer? No thank you. There isn't a human being alive less fitting to run the country. And I mean that literally.

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"Pregnant women are at very high risk of passing on DNA to their children." Haha.

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Jim Webb has been pushing hard to raise funds for a presidential campaign. I wish I could contribute. I can't say I'd vote for him over Gary Johnson, should Johnson run again. But I really like Webb. I don't agree with him on everything, but I don't agree with anyone on everything. There's not a snowballs chance in hell he gets the nomination over Hillary though. He sounds way too much like an actual liberal for American "liberals" to vote for him in their primaries. Just read this article, I'm sure to "liberals" he's an evil right wing teathuglican racist who's only running because he's a misogynist who doesn't want Hillary to win. Which is a shame, because I think he'd do great with the population at large. For now I'm still dreaming of a Johnson/Paul/Webb election though.

I'm not going to link to the latest Salon article bashing libertarianism while completely failing to understand it by calling Honduras a "libertarian paradise." because they don't deserve the ad revenue. But I find it amusing that all the progressives are claiming that the libertarians pointing out how the article misrepresents libertarianism are making a No True Scotsman fallacy. No. The article is a Strawman fallacy. I'll demonstrate. "Look at how well progressive policies of big government worked in Nazi Germany!" What?! You aren't a Nazi, you say? Oh,  No True Scotsman!!!! Clearly all progressive are Nazis and are too stupid to realize it. Or not. Don't progressives get really annoyed when right-wing lunatics call them communists? Why are the getting annoyed? Clearly they are just making a No True Scotsman fallacy, right?

Honduras ranks 116 on the Economic Freedom Index. They are 104th on the World Bank Doing Business index. They are on the low end of "partly free" on the Freedom in the World index. They are in the bottom half of the Press Freedom Index. Its high crime rate is driven by the drug war. Tell me again how that is a "Libertarian paradise?" Tell me again how they are in such a sad state of affairs because they have too much freedom.

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I think Paul is getting too excited. Sure, Democrats are in favor of ending eminent domain specifically for Keystone. But it's because they want to block Keystone, not because they want to block eminent domain. I don't imagine him having much luck getting support from them if he were to introduce a more broadly scoped anti-seizure bill.

I get so sick of libertarians being accused of being right wingers. Look, the political spectrum doesn't say Christian Authoritarianism on the right and Nanny state Authoritarianism on the left. If you want government to enforce your views, then you are, by definition, a right winger. Sorry if that breaks your delusion of what you thought you where. But 9 times out of 10 "progressives" ARE right wingers. Quit deluding yourselfs

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"What this tells us is that she sees men as creatures able to make sexual choices," McNeil says, "but she sees women as creatures who can only have sex for traditional reasons—love, or romance or whatever."

This is what I don't understand about sex negative feminism. Particularly the hardcore view that all sex is rape. It doesn't paint a picture of the sexes being equal at all. Of course, I certainly understand why sex workers might be upset with the way they are portrayed in those games. They are treated as little more than potential victims. But proclaiming them to be victims by default takes away their agency, rather than acknowledging it.

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We know there's zero chance these cops will get indicted for excessive force, even though they lied on the police report. But what about destruction of evidence and violating the witness's fourth amendment protections against unlawful seizures? I'm guessing zero there too, since they won't even look at the tape, even while going on about "transparency."
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