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Don't ever say Iowa reporters aren't homers...

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My grandma now and in about 1933. She's sitting by her dad. Looks like my daughter. 
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I've listened to a number of Cathy's interviews with him.  She did a wonderful job with the interviews, and he was an incredibly strong man.

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Skol Vikings!  Gopher's Rock to 2-0! Twins season is nearly done!  We have a fantastic WNBA team.
Wisconsin, Iowa, Green Bay lost.
The world is a happy place!

#15ThingsAboutMe                I'm an over-achiever...

25 things about me… Uff da!

1. I was born on a dairy farm in southwest MN

2. I was an offensive lineman playing football in high school, and wasn’t particularly good.

3. I went to college in Marshall MN, majored in accounting minored in agri-business

4. I worked for 13 years for a snack food company in a Minneapolis suburb. We made 
trail mixes and other healthy snacks

5. Last March, I got a job in central MN working for an egg company, moved to Dassel on a small acreage and LOVE not being a city mouse anymore.

6. While in college I went to a party and hung on this girl who I found to be reasonably attractive.

7. girl from 6 didn’t reject my drunken advances as girls are taught to in standard sex education classes. She did, however have an unpublished phone number. All I knew about her was she worked at Country Kitchen in Marshall.

8. I spent the next two weeks having random meals at Country Kitchen to no avail (random included breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Because drunk Dan’s perception is blurred, I had no clue what exactly girl from #6 looked like for sure, so I had to be really nice to all waitresses and people I met in the hall in case they were her.

9. Later, I found out my roommate had her phone number but was keeping it because he planned on hooking up with said girl from #6 above. I beat it out of him and began dating process that led to marriage 4 kids and a good deal of fun (with meaningless fights randomly blended in). She quit working at Country Kitchen the day before the party I met her at. Country Kitchens sales increased 35% that month anyway.

10. After girl from #6 and I moved to the cities to start working, I told girl from #6, we’ll call her Kari, if she wants to get married, she should probably book the church and dancehall for sometime in early winter. When I got home from work, she said the church is booked for Nov 30, and we were engaged. I ROCK AT BEING A ROMANTIC!!!!

11. Favorite food: steak

12. Favorite dessert: baked potatoes

13. Favorite music: I like rock, 80’s hair bands, Billy Joel, Elton John, and old country, I love watching jazz and blues groups perform. I love watching a guy light up a guitar or piano keyboard and make it say things I could never even remotely do.

14. # 14 is a secret. I can’t tell you.

15. I went from having 1 cat in the cities to 2 cats and 2 dogs in a few months.

16. I’m the youngest of a family of 4.

17. My drink of choice has morphed through the years but I always had one. At 21, it was a tall Miller Lite with olives for 1.75 at The Chalet. After they raised their price, it became a Ruby Red Squirt Vodka. After Ruby Red Squirt apparently went off the market, it became Gin Martini’s. That slowly changed to Gin Tonics. Somewhere in there, I really liked Bourbon Manhattans. Recently I seem to be moving to bloody mary’s

18. Dear God, 25 is a big number! I’m not that exciting.

19. I like cost accounting more than financial accounting. I like being able to take the history of a company, its products, performance, and operations, and determine product costs and company health looking forward. It’s kind of fun to see how my projections match reality. I’m more accurate than weather men

20. Favorite career: weather man, They get paid for being right 70 percent of the time

21. No, favorite career: economist, they never have to be right, because no one understands what the hell they’re talking about. If you do figure out what they said, and think you can prove them wrong. They’ll redefine the words they used to mean something else.

22. I love watching football, college basketball, baseball, and hockey (WCHA is the hockey conference the U of MN and WI is in, it kicks the CCHA’s ass, someone on here said the Big 10 was in the CCHA for hockey. I’m correcting them)

23. I have Gopher football season tickets and after every season I ask myself why. But even if the team sucks, games are fun to go to.

24. I hate the following college teams, in order of magnitude of hatred from most to least, Wisconsin, Iowa (not Iowa State, love them), Nebraska, USC, Florida – frickin’ Gators, Michigan state basketball – frickin’ coach!

25. Wow, what an incredibly boring guy Dan is! Well, there’s number 25, I’m kind of boring…
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

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Mismatch quote of the day!  "If you can't beat them, eat them."  My 6 year old son, Evan.

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Romney, wondering why we're like, what are you like...  Clearly, we're all the same.
He's Mitt Romney and he approves this message. And he also disapproves  it.
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