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Green mind ~ Green heart ~ Let's enlighten the world
Green mind ~ Green heart ~ Let's enlighten the world


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10/17 23:55 Ingress anime 動畫放映,並且在隔日會在 Netflix 上架!


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探員們,我們很樂觀的報告目前版本的Ingress將很快可以相容iOS 12。
今日釋出iOS 12後我們解決了不相容性,我們很樂觀的告訴你們,在近日將會有新版本的Ingress(1.0)更新在App Store上。

We are happy to report that the current version of Ingress will soon be compatible with iOS 12. Since its release earlier today, we have been working to resolve incompatibilities. We are optimistic that we will be able to release an update to Ingress for download via the App Store in the coming days.
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有關於 iOS 12對於Ingress的支援程度官方貼了一篇公告。


Q:iOS 12支援目前版本的Ingress嗎


With the pending announcement of iOS 12 we know that many of you have questions about Ingress and its support for Apple’s latest mobile operating system. The current version of Ingress is not compatible and will not be supported by iOS 12. However, Ingress Prime will be compatible with iOS 12 upon its release in October. More information related to iOS 12 and upcoming events can be found at our FAQ here
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Let's Enlighten Taichung !


活動訊息頻道(Telegram Channel): @RecursionPrimeENL

#RecursionPrime #Enlightened #Taichung
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IngressPrime Beta即將開跑!

從Casandra Prime開始的大戰PoC們以及,2018德國與美國露營的PoC們以及露營的技術領導,還有在Cassandra Prime中參加PrimeChallenge的的玩家最晚會在八月底收到Beta通知

而參加Casssandra Prime大戰有在現場報到並且Hack註冊Portal的玩家。以及2018 Agent Olympiad 的參賽者最晚會在九月收到Beta通知!



#IngressPrime #NEWS
We have very important news. The #IngressPrime Beta is coming. The Ingress Prime Beta will be open to all Anomaly attendees who registered, checked-in, and hacked the registration Portal of any Cassandra Prime XM Anomaly event and 2018 Agent Olympiad participants no later than the end of September.

Access will initially be granted shortly after the July 28th #CassandraPrime XM Anomaly event to 50 randomly selected 2017 Camp Navarro Enlightened Agents as previously promised for winning the 2017 Navarro mini event.

Osiris Sequence POCs, 2018 Camp Navarro & Schloss Kaltenberg POCs and Tech Leads, as well as those who participated in a Prime Challenge during the Cassandra Prime XM Anomaly events will be granted access no later than the end of August.

Stay tuned for more ways to gain access to the beta program in the coming weeks and months - including social media campaigns, Mission Day participation, etc.

We reserve the right to add, remove or deny anyone access to the beta program at any time.

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Starting now and until July 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT you can earn double AP for deploying on a Portal and triple AP for deploying the last resonator.
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新的挑戰活動!7/13 08:01開始到7/23 07:59,只要每打白一座塔即可獲得Cassandra Neutralizer計數!打白100座"不同的"塔可開銅牌,300座"不同的"塔可開銀牌,1000座"不同的"塔可開金牌!

Do you reliably get the 20% attack bonus when firing an XMP? Starting July 13th at 12:01 AM GMT and running through July 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT we are holding a special Cassandra Neutralizer event! Every unique Portal you neutralize will count towards your Cassandra Neutralizer medal. The medal will have three tiers (100 Bronze, 300 Silver, 1000 Gold) based on how many unique Portals you neutralize during the event. There will also be a new statistic that appears in your scanner to help you keep track of your progress.
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探員們,將有藍綠各六位的玩家將會被選擇參加Ingress Prime: Operation Ko Lan
OP:Ko Lan 是一個激烈的體能競賽結果將會影響明年五月的大戰Abaddon Prime。
被選上的探員們將會至泰國的小珊瑚島旅行並且進行競賽,旅遊中的行、食、宿將會由Niantic全部買單,關注活動頁面 未來將會釋出更多資訊。
有參加大戰主場中的Prime challenge活動的玩家才具備參加資格,探員們將以六人小隊形式進行Prime Challenge

在競賽中成績最好的三隊的成員們將獲得申請OP:Ko Lan的資格。
能夠在2019年4月11-15前往參加泰國的OP:Ko Lan
-填寫申請表格並且成員需要符合至少參加過Prime Challenge。


#OperationKoLan #CassandraPrime #GORUCK #Anomaly #AbaddonPrime
We are selecting 12 Ingress Agents -- 6 from each faction -- to participate in Ingress Prime: Operation Ko Lan. Operation Ko Lan is an intensely physical competition to retrieve a Prime Object: a powerful object of unknown origin. This Prime Object will be a vital asset in understanding the true fabric of the universe, allowing the Faction which controls it to affect humanity's future during Abaddon Prime. The selected Agents will travel to the island of Ko Lan in Thailand for this competition. Travel, food, and lodging expenses to participate in Operation Ko Lan will be paid for by Niantic. Keep an eye on for more information in the coming weeks and months.

In order to qualify for Operation Ko Lan, agents will need to participate in Prime Challenges. These are special Ingress competitions that occur at primary XM Anomaly sites. Agents will compete in Prime Challenges in squads of six (6). Agents whose squads finish a Prime Challenge in the top three of their faction's squads will be eligible to apply for Operation Ko Lan.

After completing the Prime Challenge requirement, eligible Agents must:
- Confirm their availability to travel and participate in Operation Ko Lan on April 11-15, 2019 in Thailand.
- Fill out a form giving their squad name and Agent names. Squad members must have qualified in at least one of the Prime Challenges.
- Submit a short (2-3 minute) video showcasing their individual personalities, real-world physical skills, Ingress enthusiasm, and strong team dynamic.
- Submit a short (1-2 minute) video about building your community: the friends and Ingress family you've helped to create in your city, and any community activities you would like to showcase, especially community service.
- Apply no later than February 1, 2019 at 5pm PST (UTC -8).

Note: Applying as a squad of six is recommended, but if not all agents are available, the squad may include agents from other eligible squads, or if needed, apply with a minimum of four eligible agents. The submission form will be provided by Niantic to eligible squads.

Register and sign up for a Prime Challenge at an upcoming event here:
San Diego, CA, USA -
Sapporo, Japan -
Warsaw, Poland -
Philadelphia, PA, USA -
Linz, Austria -
Singapore -

We will publish more information as it becomes available to

#OperationKoLan #CassandraPrime
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為了讓探員們意識到LGBT相關議題,在這周中插一個彩虹塔(一座塔上的腳為12345678),截圖並且在社群網站(Google+)上發文並且hashtag #IngressPride ,有機會獲得一組Passcode給你跟其他七位探員分享。
It’s the last week of LGBT Pride Month in the United States. To raise awareness and support we are asking Agents to create “Rainbow Portals”. Rainbow Portals are Portals that have one Resonator of each level (1 through 8). Join in the event and share a screenshot of your Rainbow Portal for your chance to earn a passcode redeemable by yourself and seven of your friends.

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