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Brayden Hucknall - Philostrate's Assistant
#dream40 - I refuse to accept mediocrity.
#dream40 - I refuse to accept mediocrity.

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+Bottom "Masters, spread yourselves." Keep going ...further ...a bit further give up and go home. #amateurs

That Hippolyta’s well tall. If she tripped over in Athens she’d bump her head in Volos. You can tell she’s like well attractive 'n that but have you seen her hands? I’m not saying owt nasty but if anybody’s got a car park they need excavating… #dream40  

Who do you reckon is the fittest? Lysander or Demetrius? We’re obvs not talking Kevin Costner fit, but y’know, neither of them has a face like a slapped pug; or do they? #dream40  

Y’know that film with Ryan Gosling? The one where he cops off with a doll? It’s dead boring, and not even funny, even though it’s Ryan Gosling getting off with a doll. Well what’s going on in court is a bit like that, innit? Lysander wants to get off with Hermia but everyone is all like, no way Jose. It’s dead funny, but a bit sad too. That’s what good drama should be. I’m thinking of writing of duologue about it and playing both parts myself. #dream40  

It all kicked off in court yesterday because someone fancied someone they shouldn’t or summat. I’m not too sure. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was working on trying to facilitate a sense of freedom in my pelvis. My drama tutor told me I should focus on that. #Technique   #dream40  

I’m totally photo bombing the family shots. I’ve just got one of those faces that makes any photo better. #dream40  

Top TIP. During a boring wedding ceremony why not give your buttocks a workout. Tense then relax your glutes throughout the tedious bits like the vows or whatever. Not only will time fly, but you’ll be one step closer to those buns of steel. #dream40  

The ceremony will be a right yawnfest. I’ve been practising looking all emotional and not bored. Not only will it go down well with Theseus and the court, but it develops my art too. I’m always using everyday opportunities to develop my craft. That’s why I’m such a threat. #dream40  

I’m totally taking a Tupperware box and nicking some food tomorrow. It’ll be well del. At my mam’s fourth wedding there were green bits in the sausage rolls and my uncle Dave forgot to defrost the quiche Lorraine. #dream40  

If I was going to get married, I’d defo write my own vows. Atch, I’d probs get Beyoncé to do it, in secret like. Then everyone would be like OMG, Brayden Hucknall’s totally fierce; and I’d be all like, yeah? What? And it’d be mint. #dream40  
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