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When your at a networking event is is important you understand how to work the room. I noticed some areas for improvement when I attended Author 101 this weekend. Check out my thoughts below. Do you have a conversation starting tip? I want to hear your opinion! #Speaking   #Authors   #Networking  
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I've personally done this well over 100 times in my career and
each time it's been a win/win/win for me, the group I did it for,
and the audience members who attended. How can you beat that?

It's also the number one way that speakers can earn a consistent
income in any economy.

Attendees will learn how to:

=> Use Fundraisers to get tons of high power
producers, hosts, writers and journalists who will welcome the
chance to work with you.

=> Get powerful testimonials you could never access in any other
way . . . these will be your main tool for people to start
calling you to do fundraisers for their group.

=> Network with influential people that love to attend
fundraisers. . . Many people you would like to reach won't come
out for anything....but they will come out for fundraisers.

=> Structure deals so that both you and the group make money . .
. In fact, in most cases you will make more than the group and if
you do it like I tell you, they won't mind a bit.
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Interesting concept, but I think it would be better if you could move them eventually in to some live audiences....maybe as an elective. There's nothing like being in front of a live, in person audience.
Tom Antion, Past President National Capital Professional Speakers Association 
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