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Lorna Sharp
Say my name and every colour illuminates.
Say my name and every colour illuminates.


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Hello Dears, This week end I went to the Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival with Morgane, a work colleague, and it was rad ! We ain't vegan but let's say vege-friendly. Always a good thing to learn about ecology though 🌱🌱 (In order from the pictures) I met Natou ...

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Hello Dears, it's pouring here in Paris and I'm again feeling there's no such place like home . Not that I'm feeling down; no in fact I'd rather party these days... But there's something going wrong in my work environment and I can't wait to get this sorted...

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Biotyfull Box // September SPOIL UNBOXING
 Hello Dears ! This is totally the kind of post I never do ... And I forgot why , but now it makes sense... I definitely suck in taking pictures. Anyhoo! I wanted to show you my new Box from Biotyfull Box . I reckon it's only delivered in France but maybe t...

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Bad Jewels // uncensored version
Hello Dears, Hope you are all very well; I'm pretty good those days I feel like a new era that is starting ! For starters there will be some changes in my work; I don't know exactly how but I can feel it haha: of course I will tell you asap. Then, I'm also ...

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Dark Night, Rosegal corsets and stuff
Hello Dears, Here is a new quick wishlist from Rosegal . I am very happy with my last purchases, so I've figured why not seek deeper in the website and look what fancy there is. I found this cool satin nightgown ( first picture above ); and the following co...

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Set Fire to the Rain
Hello Dears, It's august in Paris (okay that was a quick techno addict joke..) and it's raining since two days. Give us back our sun please ! Although I'm not that disappointed because actually I can wear my favorite clothes : autumn winter ones. Here is a ...

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See Through Lingerie
See through lingerie and harnesses had became a lot trendy these days; on DressLily you can shop loads of cute lingerie and it's not expensive at all. Have a little look at my wishlist ! xxx Lorna 1) first picture: The Babydoll lingerie 2) the sheer kimono ...

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Random lifestyle
Hello Dears, I'm currently in South of France with my friends ! So, actually a bit busy doing .. hm: nothing haha. But that's a good thing cause it's very difficult for me , just to let go. These are some random pictures I love from Thomas Depaepe . The bat...

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Urban Bubblegum
Hello Dears, So it has been one week that I've taken the new meds and also that my girl went away to Israel. And I'm doing ok ! It' s so comforting to realize that you can deal with life by yourself when everything was falling apart just before ... I just b...

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Rain on Sunday, sunrise on Monday
Hello Dears, I hope you are all enjoying a fresh and nice summer. In Paris, it's in fact raining one day and blue sky the next day. But I reckon you'd rather have a look at a light colorful photoshoot, so here it is ! I shot with Thomas Depaepe , whom I hav...
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