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Saying Goodbye
It’s my last night. The kids are all in my room, climbing
over my bed and the mountain of clothes I still have to squeeze into a
suitcase. Ally pulls a sweater off the pile and insists in putting it on. It hangs
down almost to her ankles, and she runs aroun...
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The Impossible Invisibility of the Poor
“ The poor are many:
that is why it is impossible to forget them ,” wrote Roberto Sosa, a
Honduran poet. Yet somehow, daily, we manage to do the impossible. I am living in one of the poorest countries in the Western
hemisphere where, according to the World ...
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Spending Money on Shoes
Almost daily, I feel the guilt of having resources in a
place where so many do not. By some standards, I am living very simply, but I
have enough money left over at the end of my necessities to buy myself name
brand shampoo, coffee and treats, and trips to ...
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Life as a Privileged Immigrant
I used to work with immigrants. Now I am one. The difference
between our experience illustrates how much my privilege matters. I am one of millions of people who crossed a border this
year, only I had a choice. While life in this small Central American coun...
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Who's Afraid of the Dark?
I stayed too late at the track and the sun turned off like
it does here, all at once – at 6:30 it simply topples off the side of the
earth. I started to walk home, long strides with my head down as if I could
walk through the dark, as if I could outrun it. ...
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Six Months In
  It’s been six whole months here, and you have yet to start your
own nonprofit, write a prize-winning documentary, or pen an incisive think piece
that makes it into the newsfeeds of all your Facebook friends. Your victories are smaller. You know the names ...
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Playing Cards
were playing cards and Paolo was winning when suddenly he looked up: “Hey, Katy,
I owe you money,” he said.  “No
you don’t,” I said, in Spanish, slapping a double seven and raking in the stack
of cards. “What are you talking about?” “Mom
told me that the...
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Ese Blanco Milionario
¿ Ese blanco milionario, vas a votar por él? You
going to vote for that white millionare? My taxi driver can’t believe he’s for real: “He’s the one
who hates Latinos, right?” he asked me, “But the States has a lot of Latinos,
right?” Yeah, I can’t figure it...
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Learning from the Little Ones
A few weeks before I arrived
in Honduras, someone called me to tell me about the host family I would be
staying with. They had three children, they told me, Paolo is 10, Hector is 7,
and Allisson, who has Down’s syndrome, is 4. That’s how they said it:
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What Do We Mean, “Normal”?
Tegucigalpa, Honduras  Sometimes I present the work of AJS to visiting volunteer
groups, most of whom are on short-term missions and haven’t spent much time in
the country. One of them, a girl from Georgia, shared how much Tegucigalpa had
challenged her exp...
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