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designer, illustrator, animator, cg artist
designer, illustrator, animator, cg artist

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#relief-print #portraiture #fine-prints #jester #illustration
Hello Community!
Welcome to my pages.
Have a look at my self-portrait. It gives you an impression of who I am. It is a limited edition relief print that I made in 1991, commissioned by an advertising agency, as a gift to their clients.
"Always look on the bright side of life" was their motto. Unconsciously this is what I came up with and it turned out to be just what they wanted.
The work that I will regularly post here will include more background information than on my website
I hope it will inspire and delight you.
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#animation #Les-Shadoks #absurdism
Science and technology according to the Shadoks
This animation is one of a very famous series created in a pre-digital age by French cartoonist Jacques Rouxel and his team. The series appeared on French television from 1968 to 1974.
The sound of this English spoken version is very soft so crank it up to the maximum.
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#birds #bowerbird #architecture
Skillfulness, creativity, and perseverance
The traits of the Bowerbird, but some of them are more talented than others.
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#animation #existentialism #expression
Being a pebble
This fantastic animation shows what can be done with seemingly simple lines and colours. And very good acting indeed. A feast of creativity and food for thought.
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#birds #bird-of-paradise #dance #dance-performance
Preparing for a dance performance
The importance of an audience.
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#sea-life #sea-dragons #dragons #sea-horses #coral-life
One of the many lovely creatures in the ocean and like many, threatened by us.
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#portraiture #oil-painting #fine-art #painting-technique
A sunny day in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam
There she was, sitting surrounded by people sprawling in the grass, still tensed. My mother found it hard to relax.
I was so struck by this situation that I made a small watercolour sketch on the spot. It turned out really well.
I decided to make a large oil painting of this scene. She patiently sat for the portrait in her natural tensed way. Doing nothing was not her thing.
The small watercolour sketch got lost while moving from studio to studio. But here is the oil painting.
The overall warm undertone of the painting is achieved by an imprimatura. The technique of underlaying a painting with a transparent overall colour, developed during the Renaissance in Italy. I use this technique a lot.
The tone of an imprimatura has to be carefully chosen because it highly influences the overall atmosphere of a painting.
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#dance #breakdance #brush-drawing #illustration #fine-art
The joy of Breakdance
In 1982 I met a group of traveling Breakdancers in the neighbourhood were I had my studio. They were so talented and were expressing so much joy and liveliness that I was inspired immediately. The dancers, the admiring public, everybody was elated.
I took out my brushes and paper, followed them for a week of great fun and gave them some of my sketches. They gave me a tape with their dance music. I was sorry to see them go.
Later in my studio, I was dancing about on the music of their tape while working on my sketches, keeping brushstrokes fast and direct. While some brush drawings conveyed the concentration on their acrobatic dance movements, this brush drawing expresses the joy they had and where spreading around them.
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#birds #garden-birds #blackbird
Blackbird singing on my balcony...
Here he was, my clever little blackbird. Where are my raisins?! I have been waiting for ages!
I felt guilty if I didn't immediately respond to his presence. In fact I felt honoured that he trusted me. A trust that was built up for two years. The first year he was still shy, quickly flying away after I left a few raisins for him on the balcony of my studio. He observed me though and responded when I called him, but never came near. Late autumn he left his territory.
The second year, early spring he was back. I recognised his distinctive song and he recognised my calling. After all, it meant there would be some comfort food for him to be had. This time he was more courageous and started to approach me by himself. Sitting near, observing me, communicating through his posture, song and movements.
I noticed that after a while he stopped eating the raisins himself but carried them away. He had offspring to feed and now his visits became more frantic.
I talked to him in my most musical voice hoping he could recognise something in my tones.
I told him once that he should feed his children more than only the raisins and berries I gave him. I couldn't believe my eyes when soon after, he showed up with a bunch of caterpillars and insects, still wiggling in his beak.
One day, he walked inside, all the way to the front of my studio. There he was looking at me and looking around. He had dared to enter my territory. I very carefully ushered him out, afraid that he might hurt himself trying to fly away. He walked out the way he came in.
He might have been desperate. It was a dry early summer and he had mouths to feed, but I felt honoured by this special visit.
He entered my studio once more and our relationship went on until late autumn that year.
In the years after I tried to lure other blackbirds, spreading raisins, calling out softly but none of them showed any interest.

There is a decline in bird population in the gardens of our cities. Gardens get tiled up and trees get felled by people unconcerned or maybe unaware of their importance, not only to themselves but also to other more fragile inhabitants.
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