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Noah Stevens
DCC, DnD, Mutant Future, Into the Odd, 40K and Necromunda, Mordheim.Playing RPGs and engaged in nerdery since '82.
DCC, DnD, Mutant Future, Into the Odd, 40K and Necromunda, Mordheim.Playing RPGs and engaged in nerdery since '82.

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lots of stuff on here that might pertain - eastern europe flavored but close enough to steal from

YMMV of course

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KJ rocks
For those of you there were (or possibly might be) interested in the Mushroom Kingdom Classics game I ran for my son, here it is in PDF form. Includes occupations, starting gear, a 0-level funnel, a player handout, paper miniatures, editable 0-level character sheets, and some pre-gens.

PDF Link:

Last night I dreamed a jig, a jig to make Zone Mortalis walls out of good old fashioned wood, neodymium magnets, and cardstock

Maybe I will get that cricut thing after all

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Cool thing:

Scan the barcode, it goes to the Spotify playlist

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I have made a thing and summoned it from the phlogiston

I will share the playlist once the thing is incorporated

It sounds pretty warm and fuzzy through this ancient technology

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Sharing this on account the muties and Victoriana and the troops and the heads and the vehicles

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Mussing around with the airbrush. I really ought to just spend the money and get good clean airbrush-specific paints instead of trying to alchemy the 9 year old craft paints I have back to life... anyways here's the things I been working on of late, mostly Sculpey on wooden nickels (38mm) with little alien eggs hot-glued on liberally. Also, I really went to town with the grunge on some terrain

+Erik Jensen and I discussed these little cheapo plastic crates as buildings a few months ago. I am happy to report pleasing results. I am going to affix some signage and the ubiquitous Imperial propaganda posters (screen caps of the 1993 Space Hulk game THIS HIVE HAS REPORTS OF XENO INCURSION)

Now, for sleepy time. Airbrush cleaner fumes wing me to the Land of Dreams! Up up away 
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Mostly sharing some cool stencils to use with my airbrush so that I don't forget the utility I saw there the other day

Mostly hazard stripes and Floor patterns, I guess

Relatively cheap. Thinking about a programmable cutter for vinyl but $$$
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Saw this YouTube channel on MAKE

#diy #tutorials

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Freebies for youse. Download my book, free. Purchase a softcover, CHEEP
Here's a thing, which nobody probably needs but it may seduce you to download the Hounds of Halthrag Keep, my DCC Solo Gamebook (it's even licensed, and got a Spanish Translation, and there's a dude in Europe making an app of it for Android, I guess?)

These are a bunch of charts, handy as play aides during your game, with some alternate starting occupations for DCC, some new (pertinent within the gamebook) Lucky Rolls, and Phat Loot (some dangerous, satisfaction not guaranteed)
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