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PL, SWE, and CS Ed folks – are you interested in a venue for publishing and discussing the hard work you do on your courses? Would you like it if such a venue was conveniently co-located with a major conference?
SPLASH-E might be for you.

Take 5 minutes and let me know how you feel about it here:

(Reshares appreciated)

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Many of you bought +Philip Wadler's lambdaman t-shirts to support +Bootstrap. For #CSEdWeek, we're happy to announce that we used part of the money to create five Wadler Scholarships for teachers who have had huge impact in improving diversity in computing; each day this week, we're announcing one more winner on the Bootstrap feed. Across them, they teach in classes of

• up to 65% female
• up to 98% African-American/Latinx
• up to 100% free/reduced-lunch [~= low-income household]

At Bootstrap, we really believe in computing for ALL. We also believe in functional programming for all! #FP4All!

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Bootstrap is honored to be a part of President Obama's movement on Computer Science for All, which launched eight months ago. As part of Back to School Week, The White House is hosting a summit today from 1-3PM EST. For a progress report and updates on what’s still to come, check out the latest blog post ( and make sure you watch the livestream! #CSforAll

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Some of you know this through word-of-mouth already, but I'm delighted to announce that I'm starting as an Assistant Teaching Professor at UC San Diego next term! I'm moving later this fall, and my first course will start in January.

I'm excited and humbled to be joining an outstanding cast of faculty there, and can't wait to get started.

For those of you who may not have heard of an Assistant Teaching Professor before, the role is similar to a typical Assistant Professor, but with a greater focus on developing courses and curricula (in addition to excellence in teaching), and contributions to the computer science education community.

In other words, it's kinda like a job made just for me :-) You can see the whole description at

+Ranjit Jhala +Christine Alvarado +Leo Porter +Mia Minnes

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+Bootstrap's first-ever physics modeling workshop, in conjunction with STEMTeachersNYC, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Modeling Teachers Association. See whether you can spot +Joe Gibbs Politz, +Benjamin Lerner, and +Kathi Fisler! Go Pyret!

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Missouri's public defender system is a wreck. It's a wreck for a very simple reason: the state, and in particular the governor's office, has worked hard to defund it for years, leaving it unable to hire lawyers to fill jobs even as caseloads balloon. This is true despite legal actions against the state by the Department of Justice, finding that poor black children (in particular) are being denied due process by the lack of legal representation. (If you know anything about Missouri's history, you will know that this outcome is not a coincidence)

This situation has left Michael Barrett, the director of the state's public defender system, with fewer and fewer options to keep the office open. In fact, he's down to one crucial state law that he's always (for good reason) hesitated to use.

All of this is background. What comes next is something I cannot possibly summarize without spoiling the ending. So instead, I suggest that you read Barrett's short letter to Governor Nixon. Read it through the end. Trust me.

I am seriously looking forward to watching how this case plays out. /popcorn

h/t +Andreas Schou

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The most enjoyable and rewarding week of work I've done in a long time.
The Bootstrap tracks at #CSPdWeek wouldn’t have been a success without the whole Bootstrap team! We're especially grateful for the hard work put forth by Emma Youndtsmith, Kathi Fisler, Joe Politz, Adam Newall, Ed Campos and Joyce Phelan. #CSforAll   #WhyITeach  
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Nearly 300 teachers gathered in Colorado for the first ever full week of learning, programming, and education inspiration.
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No stock of our t-shirt design, though, I hear.
Storefront just across the street from our workshop in NYC...
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