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Episode 234: Barry O'Reilly on #Lean   #Enterprise  book
+Johannes Thönes interviewing Barry O'Reilly [1] is now live on SE Radio. 
Barry is a principal consultant at +ThoughtWorks. He and Johannes are talking about his recently published book "Lean Enterprise" [2]. A lean enterprise is a large organization that manages to keep innovating while keeping its existing products in the market. O’Reilly talks about the idea of scientific experiments and the build-measure-learn loop popularized by the lean-startup method. He shares his experiment of an online wine seller using +Twitter. He further discusses the challenges for enterprises trying to do something similar and introduce the three-horizon model, to manage innovative, growing, and new products. As an example of a successful lean enterprise, O’Reilly talks about GOV.UK, the British government’s new website.
Enjoy the interview and comment on it here.


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A nice interview about coaching young technologist with Rachel Laycock and Jeff Norris in March.
+Johannes Thönes  spoke with Rachel Laycock and with Jeff Norris in an 18­-minute interview about how to enable both learning within teams and personal development throughout careers.

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Episode 221: +Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery*

+Software Engineering Radio host +Johannes Thönes talks to the senior vice president at #Chef  about continuous delivery (CD). They discuss CD and how it was done at +The Go Programming Language, CD, and +Hewlett-Packard firmware; the benefits of continuous delivery for developers; Conway’s law and cross-functional teams; scary releases and nonscary releases; fix-forward, blue-green deployments, and A/B testing; origins of continuous delivery in lean; cycle time from check-in to live; the deployment pipeline; separate release and deployment; link to #DevOps ; continuous delivery in regulated environments; “everybody is responsible for the delivery process”; changing the culture to DevOps; stopping the production line; everything in version control; trunk-based development; configuration management; and container visualization.
They end the interview by talking about how to quantify culture from the 2014 DevOps report.

Go check it out and enjoy!

#continuousdelivery   #conway   #abtesting   #scm  

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NEW Episode out now!

... and in this 220th episode +Robert Blumen is talking to +Jon Gifford of +Loggly about Logging and Logging Infrastructure.

Topics include #logging  defined, purposes of logging, uses of logging in understanding the run-time behavior of programs, who produces logs, who consumes logs and for what reasons, software as the consumer of logs, log formats (structured versus free form), log meta-data, logging #API s, logging as coding, logging and #frameworks , the massive hairball of log file management, modern logging infrastructure in which log records are stored and indexed in a search engine, how searchable logs have transformed the uses of log data, log data and analytics, leveraging the log database for statistical insights, performance and resource issues of logging, are logs really different than other data that systems record in databases, and how log visualization gives users insights into their system. The show wraps up with a discussion of open source logging platforms versus commercial #saas  providers.
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