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I love this. Having recently retired and moved to the East Coast (Maryland, USA) for the summer, has me feeling like a beach bum. And a happy one at that.
Lovely article on the soothing properties of being near water, even in the desert. I have long been told that water gives off negative soothing ions to balance energizing positive ions, that can agitate the sensitive. Salt lamps also give off negative ions. I am blessed to have a pool out my door even here in the desert.

He tells of how his experience of his water gives him a sense of love. What is your experience of water?

He speaks of it raising oxytocin, a love hormone. From his talk....."Nichols also speaks of the sense of awe we feel when we step out onto the beach towards the water — a common feeling confirmed by his research. “This sense of awe moves us from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ perspective. Awe and wonder, and passion takes over in water. There is a feeling of connection to others and something beyond the immediate.”

Could some kind of sharing of water be a way of peace? Notice he speaks of red, warlike mind and blue mind, one of peace and calm.

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