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michael diener
Open source geospatial enthusiast and GIS expert
Open source geospatial enthusiast and GIS expert

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Post has attachment just went live with a long over due make over! Simple is better than complex.

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How to stop an Openlayers 4.x 404 tile not found error
Problem: Some of my tile layer sources wmts, xyz tile layers are returning 404 errors to the console. The real reason I must admit I do not know (maybe someone on the openlayers or geoserver team) would have a good answer. Using Openlayers which makes a ca...

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My Geo Web Application Development Tech Stack
I thought that it would be interesting to post a list of technologies that I use in my so called "technology stack".

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How to backup Postgresql DB to an FTP site using Python
Using the standard tools of Postgresql pg_dump and Python's subprocess module we can call the command line tool via Python and have the dump file uploaded to an FTP site.  This is of course a very simple way to backup. An alternative would be to use  Pgbarm...

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Download and or view my AGEO 2018 presentation "Open Source Indoor Wayfinding: The three pillars of sucess"

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How to create a regular survey grid with PostGIS
A fishnet grid is also commonly called a: survey grid, raster sample, sample grid, grid, landscape grid, grid reference and of course fishnet. It all depends on your field of expertise as to what you call it, I know some times in biology they use the term "...

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AGEO 2018 Presentation
I am invited to present indrz at the annual AGEO 2018 Österreichischer Dachverband für Geographische Information (Austrian Umbrella Organization for Geographic Information).  Presentation will be published live here.

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more open source the better

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Going Forward and Looking Back
Spreading the "geo" advantage Taking advantage and actually implementing geo technologies in various environments or applications is a talent that you don't learn at school or at university.  This kind of knowledge comes after many years working directly wi...

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How to create Django translations for django-rosetta from a model field
How to create Django translations from a model field for django-rosetta? I am using Django-Rosetta to handle all of my project translations.  Unfortunately I have only one model and one field of data that needs translation, the name of the POI.  To get arou...
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