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Harvard study: Arizona #1 for political and legal corruption
An excerpt from the first in a series of articles from the Arizona Daily Independent - The Harvard study concluded that Arizona had the highest instance of illegal corruption. Researchers define illegal corruption as: “…the private gains in the form of cash...

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Prosecutor shoves evidence of DES contractor corruption under the rug
Public Corruption In Arizona Takes All Forms BY:  ADI NEWS SERVICES   MARCH 8, 2017 Public corruption takes all forms, and in Arizona it can be found on all levels of government. One of the most common forms of public corruption in Arizona these days is hid...

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Legislature must investigate $142 million in waste by State’s Medicaid eligibility system
BY:  RED PILL APPROVED COMICS   MARCH 5, 2017 Failures Of AZDES System HEA Plus Leads To $142 Million Wasted Taxpayer Funds On February 15, 2017 Tim Jeffries, the former director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) revealed that the current...

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Jack Levine explains how the corrupt AZ State Bar needs to be reformed
Our Lawyer Disciplinary System – Is It Again Time For A Change? BY:  JACK LEVINE   FEBRUARY 27, 2017 In 2011, in response to a lack of uniformity in the way our disciplinary system functioned, the Arizona Supreme Court adopted substantial changes which remo...

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HB 2295 to split the AZ State Bar passes the House!
HB 2295 PASSES 31-29 DEAR COLLEAGUES: Great News!  House Bill 2295   passed by a vote of 31-29  Thursday afternoon. The bill now moves to the  Arizona  Senate for consideration.  PLEASE CONTACT ALL SENATE MEMBERS RIGHT AWAY AND ASK FOR THEIR VOTES FOR HB 22...

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Fired Welfare Reformer Fights Back Against Left-Wing Hit Machine
Reprinted  from  Townhall Tim Jeffries, a well-loved director of Arizona’s state welfare agency,
the Department of Economic Security, was fired in November of last year. As I covered previously,
this valiant conservative merely followed the governor’s order...

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Please sign and share this petition, which is by real people who have also been wronged; it is not an attempt to collect email addresses to spam later. Judge O'Neil is the disciplinary judge for the AZ State Bar and he is crooked to the core; has been targe...

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Tim Jeffries responds to more yellow journalism by The Arizona Republic
"Thank you for printing my article last Wednesday.  I received over 100 wonderful responses and four hate-laden notes.  Abe Kwok’s editorial response was interesting since he has never met me.  Unsurprisingly, he regurgitated the same falsities central to t...

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Phoenix a sanctuary city? Wait - A study found that Illegal immigrants commit crimes disproportionately
This is approximately what my car looked like that was stolen by illegal immigrant gang members. I rode two buses and a shuttle from the U-District to my job at Microsoft for months, in order to save up money and buy this car, my first car at age 22. After ...

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Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio calls out biased, plagiarizing Arizona Republic reporter
Editor's note: I'm not going to bother linking to the story Sal refers to, it's so worthless Sal writes: The story purposely leaves out the fact that a current city of Phoenix employee who w orked in the private sector FAILED to file. Yes, no reprimand just...
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