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I love Animals as Leaders and this is an awesome cover.

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Top 100 most beautiful songs according to Reddit.

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I agree with Brian.  I have no faith left at all in Lucas or Seth Green.  This is just terrible.
Well, I'm out.

You had a great run, Star Wars.... Take care of yourself.


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This is so awesome.  Please check out CDZA on youtube for some other really good stuff.

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This just has to be shared. Star Wars as an 80's high school movie! These are not just hilarious they are so dead on it's fantastic. They're the work of artist Denis Medri and you definitely need to check out his deviantArt gallery at where you can see them full-size and check out even the Empire and Jedi  as well. 

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“I would rather hire a high-level World of Warcraft player than an MBA from Harvard.”  A bold statement from +Big Think-er, John Seely Brown.

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This is a great parody!
You'll love this. Great lyrics!
#starwars #gotye

h/t +Lisa Paternella

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Check out all the new features of Android that your phone most likely won't be receiving for awhile. Grrr.

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Haha this is good.
C, E-flat, and G go into a bar.

The bartender says, "Sorry, but we don't serve minors." So, the E-flat leaves, and the C and the G have an open fifth between them.

After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished; the G is out flat. An F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough.

A D comes into the bar and heads straight for the bathroom saying, "Excuse me. I'll just be a second."

An A comes into the bar, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor. Then the bartender notices a B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and exclaims, "Get out now! You're the seventh minor I've found in this bar tonight."

The E-flat, not easily deflated, comes back to the bar the next night in a 3-piece suit with nicely shined shoes. The bartender says: "You're looking sharp tonight, come on in! This could be a major development." This proves to be the case, as the E-flat takes off the suit, and everything else, and is now au naturel.

Eventually, the C sobers up, and realizes in horror that he's under a rest. The C is brought to trial, is found guilty of contributing to the diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of DS without Coda at an upscale correctional facility. On appeal, however, the C is found innocent of any wrongdoing, even accidental, and that all accusations to the contrary are bassless.

The bartender decides he needs a rest - and closes the bar.
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