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The ultimate blogger's cheat sheet:

502 phrases that magically transform forgettable blog posts into irresistible content

Ever wondered how popular #copywriters  and #bloggers  keep their readers glued to the page?

Well, they use a magnetic  #writing  technique (borrowed from direct marketing) known as grease-slide copy.

In this post, you'll discover what it is and how it can help your #SEO .

What's more, you'll find a swipe file of more than 500 attention-grabbing words and phrases you can use in your own blog content.

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Could This New Breed of Content Mills Finally Pay #Writers the Rates They Deserve?
via Carol Tice

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Looking for guest post gigs? Top #writing website The Write Life pays $75+ per post.

Learn more at

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How the #Google Possum Update Could Be Affecting Your Local #SEO

by Neil Patel

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The #Bloggers Guide To Optimizing Images For The Web
#Blogging tips by Elna Cain via Adam Connell 💡

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How Smart #Writers Use Previous Career Experience to Land Big-Money #Freelance Gigs via Carol Tice

The new year's a great time for new #emailmarketing campaigns. But it's no excuse to spam us all with unsolicited junk mail

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Are You Living on Freelance #Writing Fantasy Island? It's Time to Bust These 3 Myths by Carol Tice

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8 Far-Reaching #SEO Consequences of Google’s New Mobile First Index by @johnelincoln for RankWatch

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Not Getting Results from Your #Linkedin Endeavours? Build Your Presence in #LI Groups by Neil Patel
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