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Experienced Data Analytics Marketer

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Why I Like Star Wars (Spoiler: It's About Working On a Mission)
Image: Here's a non-surprise: I like the original Star Wars movie. The other day, I was trying to pinpoint why I still like it. Thinking about it in the context of the larger Star Wars universe, it really isn't that great: The light saber battle ...

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Smart Home Adventures: Amazon Echo (And Alexa)
For Christmas my parents gave me an Amazon Echo. It's pretty cool and we've been using it for a while. Since it's a voice activated system, I thought I'd record a video of my review. It's 10 minutes long, and that was to give you a good flavor for the types...

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2017 Goals: The Maker Year
This might sound weird, but I've been looking forward to 2017 starting for a while. It's mostly because there's a handful of things I want to make and I didn't want to start them until the year started so I could have them as goals. That's weird, right? Why...

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2016 Goal Review
Well... Well... Well... 2016 is gone and was a crazy year. It should have been called the "unplanned year". Here were the big unplanned happenings: I travelled to Indonesia in March for 3 weeks. I didn't know about the trip until February. We moved . We sto...

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Samson Vincent Furlo
Samson was born Dec 22, 2016 at 11:45pm at 5lbs 9oz and 17". As someone noted, he felt like a bag of sugar. His due date was January 9th! So, as you could imagine, we were a little surprised. Here's how it went down: 4pm : I finished working for HP for the ...

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What do you do if someone you don’t want to rent to wants to apply?
#realestate #landlord

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Smart Home Adventures: Shining a Light on Lutron's Caséta Wireless Light Switches
Last night I got into bed and realized I forgot to turn off the bedroom light. Jessi gave me a look that questioned who was going to be the one to get up and turn it off. I smiled and said... The light dimmed and turned off. We fell asleep. Welcome to the n...

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Completed a 7-Day Water Fast
I recently completed a 7-day water fast. For one week I ate nothing and only drank water. I decided to fast for three reasons: It would be a fantastic challenge. There are health benefits to putting your body into a state of deprivation that long. It was an...

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Smart Home Adventures: The Honeywell Lyric & Ecobee3 Thermostats
Let's start with a pro-tip: If you order something on Amazon, and then move houses before it arrives, and it happens that UPS uses USPS to make the final delivery, the chances of your package actually arriving are slim. The best part is when you call UPS, t...

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Smart Home Adventures: Setting Up the August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam & Keypad
Jessi & I recently moved and I'm on a quest to make our house the smartest on the block. And since I'm living the Apple dream, I'm trying to make as many things HomeKit enabled as possible. The process, it turns out, hasn't been as seamless as I'd like and ...
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