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Even light needs to take 88.536 AU from Earth to Kepler 452b. Even we could invent new spaceship which is faster than light by100 times we still need to travel 132.45 million KM. It is also impossible for us in human life unless we become mutant or life expectancy can be extended to 1000 years as well as we have gravity training machine and learn the skill of teleport. Otherwise we need new technology like decompose and reorganize our cells after transmitting to destined planet. Under current earth technology it is still far away but from extroplanet it may appear such technology.

If 452b doesn't have magnetic field or magnetic field is so weak to protect from radioactive substance it will jeopardize our life. We don't know exactly the planet rotation period if it is much longer than earth we need to adapt and affect our economic activities. Also it 452b parent star is now getting old or approach red dwarf / white dwarf star stage, it will finish very soon due to extremely hot temperature and ocean will be evaporated very fast and difficult to accommodate life. If oxygen level of 452b is more than earth, large creature like dinosaur or large insect may appear... But according to NASA, 452b parent star is 1.5 billion years older than our sun which is 6 billion years old....So mostly are rocky and terrestrial area. But it is still good news for Earth to seek such cousin. May be if we can find some planets which is around 10-20 light years away from us. It still have chance to go there after many many....generations of explorations :)

Hello everyone, does anyone have experience on LTE connectivity for LG G2 (D802) on cm 10.2 (stable) and cm 11 nightly version ? 

I tried to install both cm 10.2 stable and cm 11 nightly after rooting. It seems that all functions work except LTE. I cannot see 4G or LTE signal after enabling LTE. I tried to change LTE/WCDMA/GSM auto mode also LTE/WCDMA. There is no problem in stock rom. 

Actually I also tried to delete apn setting and create a new after rebooting. It still fail. I'm not sure whether current cm 10.2 and cm 11 nightly support my country LTE band. I come from Hong Kong. Mostly HK support 1800MHZ and 2600MHZ. That is band 3 and 7. Not sure if cm rom only supports US LTE not other APN ??

I tried to clean cache and wipe from scratch and the result is the same. I would like to know if anyone can access LTE band 3 and 7 in cm 10.2 or cm 11 nightly ? I even tried to use the latest cm 11 nightly together with gapps kitkat 19Nov and jelly bean-13Aug.

Any trick here or really need to wait until the final stable version come out ?

It works in LG stock rom but not cm rom yet.

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Google I/O 2013

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Human is too weak and can do nothing in front of natural disaster and asteroids. Even the past giant and huge world conqueror also vanish and extinct in a day. Really amazing and what a pity for those cutety dinos :)

May be in the future human may face the same in few thousands or millions years later. No water and no food and then fight each others to struggle. Dinos extinction told us we are not the god but only one species in the world which same as other mammals. We just try out best and hope will not face the same as dinos :)
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