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After a long hiatus, I'm sending all of you greetings and Happy New Year my friends!
Was on Saturday and Sunday afternoon out doing /PM on 20m and made several contacts with MD with 30W into 10' whip on Sat and the DXM90 from DK2RZ on Sun, with 14' counterpoise while walking 5 miles both days. The MD OMs sure were surprised! Checked on VOACAP, 20m got my signal right to them but coverage is predicted to be essentially non existent otherwise. Upcoming weekend I plan on /PM again in the PM, but then on 40m as per VOACAP I should then saturated the entire central and East Coast of the US with my huffing and puffing while walking and talking. Would be great to catch you all on air. I have the HFPack freq programmed, so most likely you'll find me there. Now that I have the Google Groups app reinstalled, I'll post here when I'm on the move.

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FYBO is on for 2015!!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 7.  Rules and other information are available at the link.

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This project may be of interest for some. Regret I am no builder.
$500 price tage for an assembled unit is a bit hard to swallow. I'd consider the kit but I lack SMD skills. Really neat radio though...and that case is a work of art.

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Great idea!

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Greg, also to you a very happy and healthy 2015! I might be down to FL later this year... :)
Until soon! 73 de Marcus NX5MK

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Have you?!

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Please join in on the RaDAR Rally On-The-Air Meetup 1500 -1800 UTC Saturday Dec13th. Use 14.346 for the first hour. and 14.059 for last 20 min of the first hour.  If you don't do CW continue on SSB.

For the second and third hour pick any frequency. These are suggested . Post your frequency on  the RaDAR spotter page at

Please adjust for QRM.  Call CQ RaDAR. Exchange grid squares. Post photos and tell us how you did. Visit the Google+ RaDAR Community at

Movement after every five contacts is encouraged. This will increase you points per QSO. See RaDAR Rally rules at

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. RaDAR Rally is active at all hours on 363 days a year. RaDAR Rally is open to all operators who operate portable. Credit is also given for fixed operators who chase RaDAR operators in the field. The other two days are RaDAR Challenge on the first Saturday of April and November.
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