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Tech guy. Coffee drinker. Family man.
Tech guy. Coffee drinker. Family man.
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Wow.. that's incredible. And powerful. 
Learning Life Lessons by Faking One's Own Funeral - The Atlantic

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Time-lapse video of driving trip from Seattle to Maine in 7 days

I came across this video recently which is a time-lapse of the person driving from Seattle, WA to Maine. The video itself was pretty cool but the fact that a script was written to have the Droid X take a picture every 90 seconds was the pudding on the cake. Totally Awesome!

Seattle to Maine in 7 Days

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I love reading stories of ordinary people that when going about their daily lives and presented the need to stop and help another citizen they do just that. Far too often, especially in the area I live, people will just keep on walking or driving by and not even think twice about it. Although I don't know the final condition of the motorist focused in this story and video, I know he is in a lot better condition due to the selfless help of those around the area that stopped what they were doing to rush and help him. Kudos to them!

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This will be soon be the newly adapted mode of public transportation provided in major metropolitan areas due to the recent downturn in the economy. It will be included in a new cost saving budget proposal. LMAO!!!

Seriously though, it is pretty cool! :D
One of the cool ways to get around the Googleplex - Group-biking :)

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I saw this last night as well, too freaking cool. I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan so this really took my breath away.
Ohhh, just saw the new johnnycashproject/chrome commercial on Monday Night Football ... featuring bits of g+!

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So someone came into the room playing a video on loop of himself instead of having a webcam so our own +Peter McDermott did an improvised narration in hangouts!

People in video:
+George Rodenbaugh
+Stacy Frazer
+Darren Cannell
+Eric Martindale
+Lucas Johnson

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This guy is both freaking nuts and my hero.
Adrenaline rush, just by watching!

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Not a huge Madonna fan, but not NOT a Madonna fan...she can go in a circle. LOL.
This evening I am pleased to welcome +Madonna . to Google+!

Included herein is one of my all-time fav +Madonna . tracks that continues to inspire me spiritually and creatively.

What's your fav +Madonna . jam?

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This is one of the best photos I've seen in a while.
A still I snapped of a 15 year old Navajo boy performing traditional dance just outside Page, Arizona. +Tom Lowe shot this at 120fps on the RED Epic - the footage is beyond epic.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 II Plus is the GT-I9220?
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