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Paul Smith
I live at the intersection of sustainability, urban innovation and cycling.
I live at the intersection of sustainability, urban innovation and cycling.

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Friends, Iend me your ears: While I'm busy with great clients these days, I want to find my home at a brand or agency where I spend my time researching, learning about and translating the innovative, the interesting and the relevant to the many people that make up their audience, then engaging with them around it. Writing about it on their various outlets, both long form and in social media platforms. Talking about it on their podcast, of which I have all the tools and network to produce and deeply distribute it. In other words, a Community Manager.

I’ve done as much for Klean Kanteen, running their social media presence, engaging with their customers, launching contests, highlighting their non profit partners, and even performing magic, aka teaching corporate how to use social media. All the while evolving my approach to best reach who they seek.

When you couple that with my years as a nuanced consumer facing PR person, having been a ghost writer for a major consumer company CEO and a reporter for multiple innovation centered blogs, I’m a prime asset for many brand’s desire to connect with its customers.

I’m interested in working for a range of places/spaces:

Outdoor/urban apparel, travel, food, tech brands, and beneficial innovation oriented companies. I’m quite skilled at doing this remotely, but definitely welcome working in person with a smart, friendly and awesome team locally here in Portland.

With that in mind, go on and tell me who I should be talking to! Or better yet, introduce me. Though I’m currently engaged with clients, I can reshape my time and eventually transition out of those for the right place.

Thank you!

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I don't know about you, but I've been generally unimpressed with the increasingly technologizing of bikes lately. Until I came across SmartHalo. Rather than be impressive on the website but a complete pain in the ass to use in the real world, they really seem to have thought things through, making it unobtrusive and malleable to a range of people's needs, simply.

Something like this could be a huge boon to getting the undecided to get on a bike, and those already riding to do it more. 

One of the key things I see is it's increasing people's feelings of safety, protecting their bike from theft, and the device itself not being required to install/remove/install/remove whenever you're away your bike. What have you found in the smart bike realm that's interested you? Have you heard of SmartHalo?

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In the last 3 months I've been getting know an amazing woman, Holly Hagerman. The founder of Green Rising, she's a unique, pragmatic and powerful voice, as a woman, as a business owner, as someone who cares about our future, as a society and a planet.

I'd like to see her present at SXSW, and if you'd take 2 minutes to thumb up her proposed session, I'd really appreciate it. Share this post with friends if you feel so moved. Thanks!

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Whether or not you support urban farming, a 4 day Tahoe holiday for $300 is an amazing +Indiegogo perk #LASTDAY  

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What happens when the Beverly Hillbillies meet the Silicon Valley? Magic. 

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It’s interesting to see that, while the world is getting increasingly urbanized, ruralization within cities is also playing an increasing role. Given the epic water issues in major food production hubs, it's more important than ever. The Urban Homesteader hopes to accelerate the mainstreaming of it.

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With California getting kicked in the ag by water issues, urban homesteading makes more sense than ever. But for most of us it feels like a twee hobby of Portlandians. I like how the Urban Homesteader project is making it much more accessible and doable for many of us. Rather than presuming we have palatial (or any) backyards, much of what they're sharing is doable even in cramped urban apartments. Go support their Indiegogo! 

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Do you just want a solid hour with a sharp outside mind focused on your green minded business? Yes, that’d be me. Let’s, shall we? I have a few spots left this week. #microconsulting   #messaging   #copywriting   #strategy  #trends #PR #blogging #susty  #Portland

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This is a good question, with a provocative yet common sense path forward. What's your thoughts on this?

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Let's face it: Most urban farming is overpriced underproducing window dressing. Flatpackable, cloud controlled, smartly innovative Cityblooms is poised to make a huge impact, able to be deployed everywhere from the most complex urban nooks to import dependent islands, solar powered.
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