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You can prevent #perio #disease from forming with routine visits to our #dentist at Blacksburg Smiles!

Begin replacing a missing tooth with #dental #implants at Blacksburg Smiles! Call our office to schedule a consultation.

If you are feeling uncomfortable during a procedure, ask us about #sedation #dentistry and how it can help you feel comfortable.

At Blacksburg Smiles, we provide #sedation #dentistry for any patients who feel uncomfortable during dental procedures!

Visit Blacksburg Smiles for affordable prices on implant-supported #dentures and more!

Improve your smile with #porcelain #veneers at Blacksburg Smiles today! Call our office for an appointment.

Improve your smile while straightening your teeth with #braces at Blacksburg Smiles. Call to learn more!

At Blacksburg Smiles, you can get metal-free dental fillings at great prices! Visit or call our office to learn more.

An abscess-infected tooth can only be resolved with a #root #canal treatment. Visit Blacksburg Smiles today to set up an appointment!

#Dental #Sealants can help protect your child's teeth from decay. Visit Blacksburg Smiles for great prices on all dental procedures!
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