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Barbara Harrison
Outspoken. Liberal. Nonbeliever. Animal lover. Born in 1956.
Outspoken. Liberal. Nonbeliever. Animal lover. Born in 1956.

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Also Known As  KOCHUNISM...etc.etc.etc.

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How I Pick Up Chicks

Carry on.

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It's time for Congress to reauthorize funding to fix our crumbling infrastructure. Check out a new map that breaks down the condition of the roads and bridges in your state →

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Dinosaur claws!!!
Dinosaur Claws | #Geology #GeologyPage

Photograph by W.A. Rogers


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Tip 19/21: 16 Awesome Google Chrome & Search Tricks!
Even the most seasoned Googlers might learn a few new things ;)

Google Chrome

(1) Convert Chrome into a text editor:

Open a new tab and paste the following text into the address bar: data:text/html,<html contenteditable> Then click anywhere on the page to start typing.

(2) Open animated GIF’s in Google Chrome

Open an animated GIF file from your computer by dragging it into a new Chrome tab.

(3) Advanced website bookmarking

Drag the URL from the address bar to your desktop to create a 'quick launch' shortcut. This removes the middle step of first launching your browser to only then access the  website.

(4) Create keyboard shortcuts for extensions (this is huge)

Wouldn't it be cool if you could activate the Pocket or Pinterest extensions with a keyboard shortcut? Well you can, and it’s both simple & time saving!

This works for many other extensions but I personally use it the most for saving websites to Pocket for reading later.

Open a new tab, type chrome://extensions into the address bar and navigate to the bottom of the page where you'll see “keyboard shortcuts”. Open it up and assign keyboard shortcuts for your extensions.

Google Search

(5) Search for specific file types

Search for “Sunset filetype:jpeg”, “Branding filetype:pdf” or any other word + file extension. In most cases this works without the ‘filetype’ addition (i.e. “Branding.pdf”).

(6) Find related websites

Find and explore website similar to the ones you like by typing - “related:www.TheWebsite .com”

(7) Movie showtime and length

To find cinemas nearby showing a specific film, type: “MovieName Showtime”. To find out how long the movie is, type: “MovieName Runtime”.

(8) Track packages

Enter your Fedex, UPS tracking number into Google search to get information about your packed location.

(9) Flights

Check if your flight is on time or running late by typing: ‘Airline name + flight number’ (i.e. “Delta 152”).

(10) Conversions

Degrees - 27 celcius to farenheit
Distances - 1 mile to km
Currency - 1 usd to euro

(11) Calculator

Calculate any thing by simply typing it into the search query: “50x50+(193 - 84)”

(12) Advanced Recipe search

Narrow down recipes results by ingredients, cook time, calories. Search for ‘Lasagna recipe’, navigate to the search tools and filter your results (more in tip 3 - Search like a pro: bit. ly/GoogleTip3).

(13) Weather & Time 

Find weather forecast or time for certain location by typing “Location Weather’ or ‘Location Time’.

(14) Exact phrases

Search for exact phrases by adding quotations: “Exact Phrase”.

(15) Set a timer 

Easily set a time directly in Google search by typing: “Timer for 10 minutes and 5 seconds”

Just for fun:

(16) Search for the following things and see what happens:

► Askew
► Do a barrel roll
► Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
► Zerg Rush

Familar with other fun or cool tricks for Google Search or Chrome? Share them below! :)

If you like this tip feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

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