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Susan Claridge
Author of Mystery & Romantic Suspense
Author of Mystery & Romantic Suspense

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Be the HO HO HO in his Merry Christmas and make your Holiday Season one to remember!

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Be the HO HO HO in his Merry Christmas!
I receive email,
mostly from women, talking about my books, the characters in my books and often
times about their own lives and the struggles or triumphs therein. Today, on the verge of Christmas, I wanted to
share an excerpt from one of these letters: “I’...

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Social Networking Feels Like Stalking
One of my authors said to me, “I feel like I’m stalking
people when I’m doing a social media marketing campaign.”    “Yes!” I responded.  “That
means you’re doing it right.” Social networking is not stalking, though I understand how
it can feel that way, (e...

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Life is Funny and Funny has FUN in it!
OMG!  People!  Lighten Up! Comedy exists to bring pleasure and release, not to force deep
contemplation or discussion about humanity and the society therein which we
dwell.  Can’t funny just be funny?  Why is everyone so damn serious all of the
time?  I don...

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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT - Sending Dick Pics Makes You a Dick
WARNING:  This blog contains graphic pictures of male genitalia.  It is not for the faint at heart so now is your opportunity to stop reading and close your browser window.  I am posting this blog to make a point. EXPLICIT CONTENT AHEAD. It's a sad state of...

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WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT - Sending Dick Pics Makes You a Dick
Once again, (third time this year), as I opened my FB email I was shocked to find that I had received not one but two penis pictures from a male whom I do not know in real life.  We were virtual friends existing only in the FB world.  In fact, I have never ...

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Change Begins When Our Silence Ends
At what point is enough, enough?! We…and by “we” I mean parents…we bite our tongues, grit our
teeth and sit on our hands because we fear the consequences of making
waves.  We watch mean kids do mean things
over and over and over again and get away with it b...

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Let's Talk About Nudity
Let's talk about nudity. If that first line didn't get your attention, I don't know what will.  It is the perfect example of "hooking" the reader right out of the gate. But in all seriousness, let's talk about nudity. When I mention nudity I am not referrin...

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Setting The Record Straight
In a previous blog I shared the email correspondence from an incident that occurred on Facebook.The email thread that I posted has become the cause of confusion and I want to set the record straight. A friend's name (Mark F) was mentioned in the email. Mark...
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