I've been following what's going on in Homs with horror--it's a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. My heart goes out to all the victims and I just hope the international community can at least get medical supplies to all those who are suffering.


From YouTube:
Two journalists who were wounded in the same blast that killed Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin have made a haunting YouTube appeal for help from Homs.
Edith Bouvier, a reporter for Le Figaro, said she needs urgent medical attention and asked to be evacuated quickly, while Sunday Times photograph Paul Conroy also pleaded for safe passage out of the city.
The footage, filmed in the besieged city of Homs on Thursday, was posted online by anti-regime activists. In both videos the sound of shelling outside can be heard.
Yesterday activists said Bouvier was at risk of bleeding to death if she was not evacuated quickly. In the footage, she appears calm, even smiling weakly as she explains that her leg is broken.
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