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Tennessee alimony basics
Read an article about the basic premises of the law in Tennessee that governs the receipt of alimony in divorce.

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How does property division work during a Tennessee divorce?
Read more to learn about how separate and marital property is treated during divorces in Tennessee. People often have assets of their own when they get married, which are considered separate for property division purposes in the event they divorce. As such, they may keep those assets. Marital property, on the other hand, are their shared assets. Thus, should they divorce, the court will determine a fair and equitable split.

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How can I make summer visitation less stressful?

Now that the school year is nearing an end, parents are going to have to start making summer plans for their children. For the children who have parents who aren't in a relationship any longer, the summer months can actually be more stressful than the school year because of issues with child custody and visitation. Parents should try to lessen the stress of the summer schedule.

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Custody and Co-Parenting in Tennessee
Residents in and around Bartlett, Tennessee, who are getting divorced and have to figure out how to parent their joint children together should click here now. Read this article to understand how the state of Tennessee approaches child custody and how you and your ex-spouse can effectively work together for the good of your joint children.

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How to Break Divorce News to Children
Read this article to learn about the steps that Tennessee parents should take when warning their children of an approaching divorce. By sharing the news constructively, limiting conflict, avoiding unnecessary changes and enlisting qualified help, parents can greatly reduce the burden divorce creates. Learn more about the specific steps that parents can take to achieve this goal.

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Ready to walk down the aisle? Did you sign a prenup?
More and more couples are signing prenuptial agreements before getting married now, according to a recent survey of divorce attorneys. If you are engaged and have not brought up the conversation with your soon-to-be spouse yet, you should read this article to learn about the importance of prenups, regardless of how much money you have in the bank.

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Understanding the different types of uncontested divorce
Take a look at this article if you are wondering whether an uncontested divorce will work for you. Mediation and collaborative law are two popular types of amicable divorce that have been effective for many divorcing spouses. Both parties must be willing to cooperate and treat each other respectfully to reap the full benefits of an amicable divorce. A family law attorney may be able to help you find the best option for your situation.
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